Arpan Roy joins My Entrepreneur Magazine

Arpan-RoyArpan’s purpose as a leader is to inspire others realise their peak potential. He has a corporate background with proven experience of leading teams of 20 or more spread across multiple locations. Arpan has extensive experience in managing team dynamics, analysing and solving problems, and mentoring team members to make them better leaders. He also has detailed experience in running and facilitating workshops to enable various stakeholders to reach their desired outcomes.

During his corporate career, Arpan recognised the value of leadership and the satisfaction he got by inspiring others to perform at their highest potential. This inspired him to start his business in Leadership Consultancy and Training called Arman Consultancy. Through his business, he collaborates with leaders in business to define productivity and profit and achieve accelerated business growth.

Arpan specialises in various methodologies such as Values Pendulum®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Deep State Repatterning®. Using these, he identifies the cause of unrealised individual performance and business growth and creates effective and sustainable models for change that empower his clients to achieve the desired results.

In addition to his corporate background, Arpan is also an MBA graduate, and has detailed understanding of key business functions, which enables him to assist his clients more effectively.

Through his journey as an Entrepreneur so far, Arpan has had numerous learnings, some learnt the hard way, and would love to share his insights and learnings with fellow readers and entrepreneurs and add value to the community.

Arpan lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Manasee, who is also his business partner. Other than leadership, his interests include reading, music and cooking.

Arpan will be writing a regular column for My Entrepreneur Magazine starting from next week.

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