Bastion Group CEO Fergus Watts joins the team at My Entrepreneur Magazine

Ex AFL football player turned entrepreneur Fergus Watts has a penchant for seeing opportunity and helping businesses grow.

Ending his time with the Adelaide Crows and St Kilda after sustaining multiple injuries, Fergus began working in a Brand Communications Company. Discovering a passion for people and ideas, he then followed his entrepreneurial sprit and started his own consultancy, helping corporates to better engage and empower their team.

Buoyed by this success, Fergus founded Bastion Group with a vision to help people grow. His primary role as Bastion Group CEO is to challenge each business to deliver continual evolution needed to maximise potential.

Under his leadership, Bastion Group has grown from a one-­‐person operation, to a company that today has over 60 employees and offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. In FY 2015, Bastion Group is forecasted to turnover in excess of $10m.

Fergus seeks to build a diverse and rewarding workplace where businesses are supported to grow, develop and embrace new styles of thinking. He believes a good leader should “hire people more talented than you are and then to get out the way to let them do it.”

Firmly believing that innovation is the key to business success, Fergus has also been a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of the Year award for Victoria and Tasmania.
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