Leann Webb joins My Entrepreneur Magazine as our new writer

Leann-BB1-resizedThe best way to describe Leann Webb is as a catalyst. She is a person who makes things happen. She’s an innovator, thought leader, public speaker and successful entrepreneur (she has founded 5 companies). She’s earned her stripes with an MBA and 20 years of experience, proven her worth as a CEO, Managing Director, Partner and Board member, and in 2012 was selected as one of Queensland’s Best and Brightest.

Her strongest suit is in growing businesses and increasing revenue. Her expertise includes communications, marketing, sales, business development, account management and customer service. She is creative, articulate, thorough and an exceptional marketer, who can roll up her sleeves and get things done. She is hard-working, has a boundless energy and a formidable tenacity. She inspires people with her divergent thinking while also being pragmatic and sensible. Her close eye for detail makes her an asset in analysing systems, processes and compliance.

Leann is a transformational team member, who catalyses the team to stand out from the crowd in all the ways that matter. Leann knows how to think competitively and create differentiations and innovations so that companies are positioned ahead of their rivals. She’ll move you beyond the benchmark, beyond best practice and beyond your competition. And she’ll transform your company from good, or even great, into the leader.

Few people can say that they pioneered an industry, but Leann has done it several times..

Leann started Aurora Marketing in 2001 and quickly saw a gap in the field of tender and submission management. She launched at the opportunity and started working with the who’s who of Australian companies on an array of tenders and proposals that spanned every state of Australia, several other countries and virtually every industry possible. With a track record of 98.5%, she earned her place as the go-to person if you had a tender you really needed to win. Her success was underpinned by her own comprehensive tender system of tools, processes and precedents that she developed to ensure every tender had the best chance at winning.

Since 2006, Leann has also been trail-blazing in the early childhood education sector. Firstly, she created a foreign language program called AlphaTykes which teaches French, Spanish and Italian to children aged 18 months to 12 years. Leann developed the entire AlphaTykes curriculum, lessons plans and teaching resources, and authored several dozen children’s book and had them translated into 3 foreign languages. It required phenomenal effort but it remains as one of Leann’s proudest achievements.

Then, 5 years later, she had another ‘light bulb’ moment when she created a safety and self-defence program called Dynamight Kids to teach children aged from 3 years. Again, Leann developed the entire curriculum, and also a comprehensive instructor training program. Both AlphaTykes and Dynamight Kids are world-first programs. Her company Childhood Australia is the overarching company that delivers these programs, and a few others, throughout Australia through child care centres, schools and community venues.

And more recently, Leann launched Wild Jungle in 2012. Wild Jungle is another marketing services company, but this time targeted to smaller organisations and smaller scale projects. Aurora Marketing and Wild Jungle operate independently, but complement each other perfectly… whatever the marketing or tendering need and whatever the budget, either Aurora Marketing or Wild Jungle has the ideal solution.

Leann is a voracious student and a self-confessed addict when it comes to acquiring new personal skills. She has an unquenchable thirst for travel and an ongoing love affair with archaeology and language (as evidenced by her study of a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Latin and a Masters of Linguistics). And on top of all of this, Leann is a qualified Krav Maga Instructor, one of Australia’s only Kids Krav Maga Instructors and a Women’s Self-Defence and Krav Maga Instructor.

Leann’s personal portfolio of brands and companies includes Aurora Marketing, Wild Jungle, Childhood Australia, AlphaTykes, Dynamight Kids, Wild Things and Krav Maga Core.

Leann will be writing a regular column for My Entrepreneur Magazine starting from next week.

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