My Entrepreneur Magazine welcomes Zaki Ameer as our new writer

At just 18, Zaki Ameer arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka with an unfaltering determination to not only land on his feet, but to achieve his big dreams for business success.

After multiple life-changing setbacks, including an unfortunate shift in his financial support system, Zaki found himself living in an alien culture with no friends, no income and significant debt resulting from international university fees. Determined to remain in Australia, he spent the next four years, Monday to Friday, working 8-hour days followed by night studies in Business and Finance, where he’d finally come home at eleven o’clock most nights only to have to complete course assignments. Those were very dark days. However, Zaki, being full of determination, persevered through it with an end goal in mind.

Finally, clear of debt with a Bachelor of Business under his belt, Zaki had a chance meeting that inspired him to try his hand at property investment. Two years later Zaki built himself a successful portfolio of 10 properties, worth a total of $3 million.

Quickly gaining recognition for his incredible success, Zaki began speaking at seminars and events about wealth creation and personal development. It was here that he built his love for mentoring others which led to the creation of Dream Design Property, a unique wealth creation mentoring program.

Dream Design Property utilises Zaki’s remarkable investment methods and mindset to guide clients as they begin their own personal development and property investing journey. Along with a dedicated team of experts, Zaki offers each client an ongoing personalised service catering to their changing circumstances and needs.

Zaki’s latest project Kickstart is a unique and affordable program designed to provide Gen Y’s with much needed help to take their first step into the property market and cement their financial literacy.

In 2014, Zaki published “Dream IT Design IT Do IT – from 0 to 10 properties in 2 years worth $3 million,’’ a book that details his expert tips for property investment strategy. Within just 30 days of its launch, the book amassed 1,000 downloads and took first position for the Buying and Selling Homes category on Amazon.

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