Success coach Corina Lorenzi joins My Entrepreneur Magazine

Corina-2Corina Lorenzi started her career in Foreign Trade in 1996 in Germany and successfully climbed the corporate ladder thanks to her natural ability to achieve and perform at the highest standards. During this time Corina was able to observe many executives and identified the need of helping them to perform at their full potential as a way to make the organisations thrive as a whole. At the same time she developed strong relationships with her stakeholders, allowing her to identify opportunities and growth potential for these companies.

At that point, her next career step into the area of Business & Executive Coaching was only natural.

After undertaking further studies with internationally acclaimed coaches and mentors, Corina became a sought-after Business & Executive Coach recognised by the International Coach Federation and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Practitioner.

Using her extensive international experience and strong background in Sales and Foreign Trade, Corina then founded Elite Success Strategies, which focuses on helping business owners and leaders to create the thriving and profitable organisations they desire.

A major part of Corina’s work is to develop Executives by preparing them to achieve and most importantly to sustain high performance. The globalization is facing Executives with new and ever changing challenges and Corina helps them to develop the necessary adaptive thinking ability to overcome them.

Today Corina lives in Melbourne, Australia, from where she conducts her business internationally, which is based on the idea of Constant And Never-Ending Improvement (CANI).

The study of human potential and behaviour, personal development and neuroscience are Corina’s main areas of interest.

Corina will be writing a regular column for My Entrepreneur Magazine starting from next week.




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