The Art of Patience

hourglassThere’s a couple of things always said about patience.

First one is that good things come to those who wait. What they don’t say is how long you have to wait for the good things. So how do you know when enough is enough? You don’t, and that’s the point.

The second things they say is that patience is a virtue. So what does that mean when you’re impatiently being patient? Does it still count? Or do you have to be passively patient? No, I don’t believe you do.

It doesn’t really matter whether you wait patiently or otherwise, what does matter is the amount of faith you have in yourself. This will ultimately dictate how long you’re willing to wait or “be patient”.

You see, it’s much easier to give up, citing this that and the other reason why it was never going to work. It is so much harder to keep going, chipping away little by little every day at the obstacles that stand between you and success. However you define success.

To me, success is as simple as not giving up in the face of adversity. Success is standing your ground when people are trying to cut you down. Success is believing in yourself to the point that others begin to believe in you as well.   Success is going to sleep at night knowing you have done everything possible TODAY to make TOMORROW a better day.

And while you’re being patient, there is one other thing you must also do every day.

And that is to get excited about the little things that happen in life.

Think about it, if all you were focussed on was the big picture, the “end” result, how boring and/or monotonous would each day become? You would have no stress release valve, nothing to bring a smile to your face, you would probably be hell to live with as well.

Take me for example, I’ve had 5 years’ worth of waiting to see my business dream take shape and culminate in a container load of new product hit the wharf. If I had done nothing but focus on that one day, forgetting to live life and enjoy each day, I think my kids would have buried me in the back garden long ago.

Getting excited about the little things as they happen means we’ll have no regrets later on (well, almost none anyway). Each little milestone, whether it be business or personal, needs to be celebrated like there’s no tomorrow.   It’s fuel for your fire, it helps to keep you motivated and moving forward. It’s human nature to want to celebrate and have an enjoyable time, the more you allow yourself to do this, the more you crave it and it makes you work harder towards the next milestone just so you can celebrate again.

It’s no different to not keeping your best china or crystal glasses locked away for that special occasion…that special occasion might never eventuate and what have you done? So you must always use that china and crystal and enjoy using it.

I get excited about everything, both in my business and in my family life, sometimes to the point of embarrassment apparently for my kids. Just ask them about our holiday to Movie World and Wonder Woman, she was my hero as a little girl…was I not going to get a photo with her????

But if each new step doesn’t excite me, what is the point?

Each step I have taken is a major achievement in my life. Each step has happened because I haven’t given up. Each step is recognition that my hard work and faith in myself (some may call it stubbornness) was, is and will always be worth it.

I refuse to stop being excited about the little things. And so should you.

Because after you have waited so patiently for all those good things to arrive, you will then be able to look back on all the times you celebrated those many little milestones while waiting for your big moment to arrive.

Every situation carries with it a lesson. Learn it, accept it, enjoy it and move on.

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