3 Simple Steps to Success

People often ask me what my secret to success is – I have so many I could write a book (and have – called How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST!). But one that’s helped me create business success much faster is based on the ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ principle.

Making the Plan

We’ve all heard the first step is to get ‘Ready’. For example, when it comes to creating a product or program or launching a new business idea, we first have to brainstorm the possibilities and come up with the concept and look at what else or who else is involved and make some sort of plan.

Then we have to ‘Aim’ . This is where most of the work is done, this is when we fully prepare, expand on the plan, strategize, look at the pros and cons, the upside and the downside, crunch the numbers etc. We have to get it fully ready to roll out, finalize everything, double check everything, make sure it’s all ‘perfect’.

The last step is to ‘Fire’, This is where we look at different ways to promote it and we launch it out into the world and wait for the money to roll in.

The Problem…

The problem with that model (particularly for perfectionists like myself) we get stuck in step 2 – ‘Aim’

I would still be working on my original business ideas from 10 years ago if I still used the Ready, Aim, Fire model – because nothing is ever perfect enough and nothing is ever exactly as I want it to be.

So instead – I utilize the Ready, Fire, Aim principle.

Ready – I come up with an idea
Aim – I launch it out into the world
Fire – then I improve it, tweak it, make it better as I go along.

Take Action Now

It’s about taking action NOW, not waiting for months, or sometimes years before moving forward. Some of my ideas work brilliantly, some flop in a major way. But at least I know sooner rather than later and haven’t spent months working on something that may not bring results. Taking action fast will bring you a result fast which will allow you to (if needed) change your idea or strategy fast.

So if you’re stuck creating more income because you are so busy trying to get everything just right before you unleash it into the world, STOP and as Nike says “Just do it’!

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