How does Marketing work ?

Business Owners are highly skilled specialists in their field – but that doesn’t mean they understand the world of marketing and selling.

So what happens – they either struggle and burn out or start along the path to developing skills in confident marketing and selling. There are many reasons why a business fails – the statistics are against a startup succeeding – the business fails either because they run out of money or they didn’t really understand the dynamics of how marketing works and what marketing they did do didn’t have enough time, traction or focus to make a difference. Selling and marketing for Service Professionals can be a new and daunting prospect.

From experience – let me tell you a secret – its not really a secret but a truth – if you understand how marketing works – then you can book the business again and again.

Isn’t that a relief!!

Ok – this is the way that marketing works from an incredibly powerful marketing system – BookYourselfSolid® – this is a tried and tested system that has increased  business owners income by 40%  in the first year when the system is implemented.

You do your marketing – there are 6 ways to market your business -some you must do and some you can just choose to do if you like the approach.

People become aware of your business and check you out – they may look at your website – they may see a flyer or an advertisement or perhaps a video.

Then once they have become aware of you, they come and check you out – to see if what you are offering can help them with their problems and issues being faced.  Here – they are checking out your foundation.

If they feel that you can solve their problems – if they feel secure in your offering – then they will give you an opportunity to earn their trust. The earning of trust is really important.

So is that enough to get them to book some business – NO!!  Probably Not!

Then you need to do some more work – you need to show your credibility and likeability building trust over time. The way you present yourself is important and makes a difference.

You do need to make sales offers that are proportionate to the amount of trust you have learnt. For example, if you have just met them – even if they are interested – its not likely they will purchase your highest ticketed item – they may but its not likely.

You need to have pricing that is targeted for their affordability and know how to have simple sales conversations.

Then you book the business – this will happen again and again and again.

That is how marketing works – this is the BookYourselfSolid® client generation life-cycle.

It is a matter of regular, dependable and relevant connections building trust – it does depend on timing – when the timing is right for the potential client not the business owner!! The potential client will contact the business owner, that is the time for the sales conversation. Then if the business owner can have a successful sales conversations – they will book the business.

The beauty of the BookYourselfSolid® system is that you can do an audit of your business against the BookYourselfSolid® system – this will raise awareness of what is working and what needs working on – really, really valuable for any Service Professional. So is Your Marketing Working?


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