Paul J. Lange joins the team at Business Game Changer Magazine


Paul is an international veteran of business finance and both online and offline service industries, with more than three decades of relevant industry experience in operational, strategic growth and expansion, and leadership. Paul knows what it takes to make business successful, especially in highly competitive environments.


His secret is simple. Do business with people who share your values, respect others, contribute more than you consume, and have fun.


Paul is a business founder, former C-Level executive, mentor to senior executives, corporate trainer, author, keynote speaker, and investor. His understanding of business at both a high-level helicopter view and at the detailed level of day to day operations is just one trait that makes him attractive as an ally to the C-Suite, investors and private financiers.


Paul holds seats on the boards and advisory boards of several companies. He is also the principal strategy consultant to a select number of businesses, private investors and boutique investment funds. His specialist area is brand loyalty and customer experiences.

Paul has owned, operated and exited several successful businesses across multiple industries, and has helped others who want to expand to build their companies, ranging from startups to mature businesses. One of his biggest successes is helping a local Australian finance brokerage company grow from startup to a loan book of over one billion dollars.


You can read more about Paul on his personal website

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