Poo-Chi Scarfs looking for Australian partner

poo-chiA woman fed up with dog’s fouling public pathways has turned the problem into a successful business – and is now looking to expand into Australia.

Jacqueline Rose, owner of Lovely Silks scarves company in West Sussex, UK, has been swamped by orders after launching her Poo-Chi Scarves for dogs.    She is now looking for businesses to partner with in Australia as part of a planned market expansion.

Unlike other pet scarves, The Poo-Chi Scarf is designed with a discreet pocket for carrying disposable bags – which means that picking up after your best friend is never a problem.

The Poo-Chi Scarf was this year named winner of The Sussex Newspaper’s 2015 Innovative Product Of The Year Award.

Lovely Silks owner, Jacqueline Rose, said: “The Lovely Silks team have been overwhelmed by the public response to the Poo-Chi Scarf.  We’ve had orders coming in from all over the world and we’d love to introduce Australia to the Poo-Chi brand. The majority of dog owners are responsible people and they often unable to pick up after their dogs because they forgot to take a bag with them. Hopefully the Poo-Chi Scarf will do away with that problem.”

The Poo-Chi Scarf is available from Lovely Silks at http://www.lovelysilks.com/

If you are interested in working with Lovely Silks, email lovelysilkscarves @ gmail.com

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