Is your business embracing the summer of sport?

Entrepreneurs and start up owners are no stranger to long working hours and juggling multiple tasks, all while trying to grow their business and keep an expanding team of staff happy and productive. A positive, relaxed company culture is key to a strong employer brand and a happy workforce, and the great news is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything!

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes an array of sporting events; from the Rio Olympics and the Euros to Wimbledon and the Rugby Union, there’s plenty going on that employers can embrace. While some business owners may see these events as a distraction set to entice workers away from their desks, the reality is that embracing 2016’s summer of sport could work wonders for morale within your company.

The reality is that a huge 81.9% of employees believe that the Euros (which kicked off last week in France!) could be good for staff morale; whether your employees enjoy football or not, the abundance of national pride can be great for unity. For busy business owners, embracing events such as the Euros or the Olympics is a great way to let employees see their more personal side, and encourages staff to bond.

Recent CV-Library research of over 2,000 UK professionals revealed that while 62.3% of staff believe businesses should show support for international sporting events, only 1 in 11 work for companies that actually do so. Suggesting that more business owners should be encouraging their workforce to celebrate these international events, and give morale a boost; supporting team building amongst employees is crucial, and can ultimately lead to a happier, more positive company culture.

When staff were asked what they felt would be good for engagement, there were number of ideas, such as:

Showing the games in the office: employees felt that screening key games at certain times, whether it’s their home team or not, would be a cost-effective yet simple way to boost happiness in the workplace, as coming together to support important matches would likely raise morale.

Offering flexible lunches: if there are certain games on that staff want to watch but, as the business owner, you don’t want the match on in the office, offering a flexible lunch hour could be the way to go. Your staff are able to watch the game they want, and you can rest assured that the TV stays off in the office.

Workplace teams: setting up teams within your business to represent each country can be a great way to motivate staff and encourage a healthy level of competition amongst employees. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could even offer perks to your team each time their country wins; for example, leaving 30 minutes early.

Organising a sweepstake: nothing gets the competition going like an office sweepstake; they’re a fun way to bring the workforce together, and owners of new businesses needn’t worry about their employees’ focus being taken away from their work.

Charity dress down day: Allowing staff to wear their own sports tops or chosen team colours on game days can be another simple way to improve morale; you could even go one step further and ask employees to make a small donation to charity.

Events such as the Euros and Olympics shouldn’t be viewed as negative, as they’re a great way for business owners to engage with their staff and improve productivity. It’s no secret that many employees do feel distracted and disengaged over the warmer summer months, and by embracing 2016’s summer of sport, employers can ensure that they’re getting the most from their workforce, while driving growth for the business. Implementing internal sweepstakes and other incentives are an easy way to ensure that staff feel valued, whilst enabling business owners to manage expectations. Essentially, happy staff are productive staff, so it’s a win-win situation for business owners.

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