Four traps for Babyboomer business owners to avoid

Four traps for Babyboomer business owners to avoid

Babyboomer business owners can find that as the years rush past, keeping up the pace gets harder, even if you’re one of the few who does take good care of themselves.

I find many boomers stuff down their emotions with food and alcohol, and speeding up their chance to a major health scare or worse. Feeling out of control can have costly consequences – in your health, your relationships and your business.

Many business owners keep on keeping on – waiting for a time when their ducks will all line up and they can finally slow down when they’ve accumulated a certain amount of wealth, or they reach a point where the goalposts have moved and they never ‘get there’.

There are some common traps that hit mature business owners hard:

  1. Listening to the wrong people
  2. Dumbing down what your gut is telling you
  3. Procrastinating
  4. Working harder

Listening to the wrong people

You wouldn’t get advice from an engineer on how to run a marathon, regardless of how good an engineer he was.  If you’re stuck in a rut and you’ve lost your spark, find a proven expert who knows your specific challenges and how to deal with them

BEWARE: Don’t fall for the false promise of quick fixes. It takes time and hard work to redesign and reinvigorate lives and businesses – but the achievements you’ll make are worth it.

Dumbing down what your gut is telling you

It’s all too easy to turn down the volume on uncomfortable truths and pretend there’s nothing really wrong.  It’s really tempting to tell yourself that your lack of energy and motivation is ‘fine’ and that you’ll get over it’, or that your difficult business partner “isn’t that bad” although you are constantly frustrated and angry with their behaviour, or your lack of motivation is ‘just a phase you’re going through’.

If you’re a babyboomer business owner, time’s not on your side any more – stop tolerating what’s going on and start taking action.  Listen to your body and your heart and stop pretending that “there’s nothing really wrong.”   Be honest with yourself, get proactive and start making changes whilst you can.  Otherwise by the time you wait for the ‘perfect’ opportunity ie. ‘when you have the time’, you may have run out of options and not be in a position to create what you really want.


The lie that “things aren’t that bad” leads to procrastination, complacency and even mediocrity.

And that’s not a good place to be.

Whether you’re silently worrying about selling your business, reviewing a partnership, dealing with a staffing issue, or acting to preserve your health and happiness, the truth is that doing nothing is choice.

“Doing nothing is a choice – a choice to let things get worse!”

Find ways to get into action on facing and conquering the big issues that threaten your business, your happiness and your health.

Reignite Your Spark

The world around us is changing so quickly.  Babyboomer business owners have to adapt to this fast-paced technological society and the flow-on impact it has on their lives and businesses.  Changing family dynamics with a high divorce rate, ageing parents, grown up kids and ensuring you have financial security for now and the future…it can take it’s toll on your well-being.

Dealing with this level of change requires new skills, new practices, new understanding and new habits If you want to keep yourself well and your business booming, you can get expert help to do it.

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