Could the Bitsie save book publishing?

Book publisher Muse Words is set to save the publishing world with the introduction of the Bitsie.

Bitsie’s are a series of informative bite-sized books which, together, make up a complete full-sized book.   Bitsies are different because each bite-sized edition has just five chapters covering one category in depth.  Time challenged readers with a specific area of interest can choose which Bitsie to read rather than committing to a whole full-size book.  Alternatively,  they can pick up all of the Bitsies that make up the whole series.

Muse Words say readers will be encouraged to buy books because they’re easier to read and cheaper than full-sized editions.

A spokesman for Muse Words said:  “Muse Words transformed the book publishing business three years ago when we pioneered the idea of collaboration between authors.  The idea that not many people have the time to write a complete book is a common problem.  This led us to believe there was a need for a system that allowed authors to work together and produce a book by writing just one chapter each.

“In just three years we’ve helped over 900 people become published authors.  We’re now taking the idea a step further by addressing the needs of people who haven’t got the time to read a full business book.  The bitsie allows a reader to pick up bite-sized books that only contain the chapters that they’re interested in. They can also pick and choose which other chapters might be useful to them.   Bitsies have fewer pages, so they’re easier to read, they’re cheaper than whole books with lots of unwanted chapters.  This could save book publishing worldwid.  With so much demand on our time,  the bitsie isn’t rocket science.  It’s the way publishing should be.”

Muse Words’s first bitsie is Creating The Life You Want.  For more details, visit

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