How to Find the Best Office Space On a Budget

Finding a cheap office is difficult, as not only must it be secure when you’re not there it must also be fully equipped with everything you need to make your business run smoothly.

A new survey has suggested that in twenty years over half of the working population will be freelancers and it’s these growths that is leading many companies to forego the traditional offices set up and choose telecommuting instead.

There are so many advantages to telecommuting rather than trying to find cheap office space that doesn’t eat into a budget. Just a few reasons why companies choose this direction as the best office space on a budget include:


Now with super-fast broadband, email, Skype, Face Time and the trusted telephone employees don’t need to be present in an office to work. Colleagues can be present on video as they talk through any major developments and then left to complete the work ensuring they hit the deadline.

Conference calls and venues for hire ensure that when many heads do need to come together there is always a solution.


There are a few businesses that aren’t feeling the pinch of the rising fuel prices. Working remotely not only saves a lot of time – in some cases a few hours a day- it also saves a lot of money. Statistics show that when two parents work the second parent’s wages are swallowed in travel and childcare costs alone making it pointless to work full time.


When working remotely you don’t have to take staff on a permanent basis. You can hire freelancers for all your needs without worrying about the red tape of employee tax and national insurance. You also save money on sick days, holidays and maternity leave.


With a virtual office all employees or freelancers use their own equipment meaning you don’t have to fork out for the latest computer model or Skype headset. You don’t have to worry about your employees bad backs due to unsupportive office chairs and you don’t have to ensure they have lockers, bathrooms or a staff room for their own use.


Working remotely you can turn off the speakers of your computer and enjoy uninterrupted peace which is almost impossible in a cheap office environment. If you do fancy a change and find the dally life a little lonely you can choose to move your virtual office to Starbucks for the day.

No Service Fees

Without a tangible office you have no need to hire cleaners, security or other staff that simply add to the price of the office rental without bringing in any return. Your profits can be limited to the necessary staff and equipment you need to keep your business moving forwards.

Little Extras

With a virtual office you can also hire a virtual PA who will be half the price of one present by your side. You won’t have to buy them a desk and they’ll still complete every task efficiently. They can listen to memos, take minutes of Skype meetings, shop for presents, answer and forward calls, arrange your diary, and make sales calls and much more. It’s quite amazing what can be done from any location today.

When you go self employed you could be entitled to a self employed tax rebate too. This could help you finance your new desk or office space! If you want to move to another country once you’re free to move around, you could also find that you’re entitled to tax back after leaving the UK or Australia.

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