Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Lorraine Pirihi

Lorraine Pirihi is an author, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker

After 13 years as ‘The Productivity Queen’, helping small business owners become much more effective in running their business and creating a more time for life, Lorraine hit the wall of Baby Boomer Burnout at 53. Both life and business had lost their meaning for her. She walked away from a business treadmill that felt like Groundhog Day and went searching for ways to reignite her passion and purpose.

During this 3 year period, Lorraine created a Rugby League Academy with her daughter helping boys succeed on and off the field, and also experienced the challenging world of employment for the over 50’s.

Eventually Lorraine regained her mojo and created ‘Relaunch Your Life’, helping Baby Boomer business owners renew their business mojo, avoid burnout and create more fulfilling, balanced lives. This was what she needed at the time she became burnt out.

Since regaining her mojo Lorraine has also published her book “Mind Your Time” 50 ways to succeed in business and life.



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