How to Efficiently Dispose of Your Commercial Waste

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Many business owners believe that ‘going green’ involves a big initial investment followed by increased long-term costs. This simply isn’t true. If you efficiently manage your waste and increase your recycling efforts, it could lead to more savings while reducing your environmental impact.

It’s really a win-win situation by putting in place more environmentally conscious practises. Not only do you have the potential to reduce costs, it also shows that your business is environmentally conscious. This will make you stand out from your competition in the eyes of your customers.

It All Starts with You

The amount of waste that your company produces depends on not only the nature of your business, but how important the environment is to you as a business owner. You need to be committed to making a change to the way you handle and manage your waste. You want your staff to follow your lead and back-up the practices you put in place.

If you’re planning to introduce increased recycling efforts into your business, it’s important to communicate this with your employees. Encourage your staff to get involved by reusing, reducing and recycling. These three R’s will lower waste output, thus lowering waste removal costs.

·         Reuse

A lot of packaging products can be reused multiple times. This includes items such as water bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic bags etc. Encourage staff to reconsider disposing of any reusable products.

·         Reduce

Look to reduce the overall amount of waste your staff and your company create. Encourage people to bring reusable containers for their lunch, reduce the amount of paper they use, etc. It’s also a great idea to try and lower the waste generated from your company’s products or services where possible.

·         Recycle

Make recycling a top priority in your workplace. Set up recycling bins and signs to encourage staff to sort their waste before disposing of it. Recycling is key to reducing our ever-growing and environmentally harmful landfill waste.

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Finding the Right Waste Disposal Company

No matter which industry you are in, reducing and managing your commercial waste should be a top priority. One easy way to help manage your commercial waste is to entrust a waste disposal company. Waste disposal companies will help to ensure that your company’s waste is disposed of in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

·         Research Local Waste Disposal Companies

Have a look online for some reputable local waste disposal companies in your area. You want to find a company that is known to be efficient, reliable and encompasses a strong emphasis on ‘green’ practises. Read some of the customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of their service.

·         Look for A Complete Service

Your waste disposal company should supply and empty bins on a regular basis to so that you don’t need to worry about overflowing. They should also ensure the areas around the bin stay neat and tidy. Remember to ask potential companies to provide in writing what is and isn’t included in their service. This will ensure any potential problems can be resolved without dispute moving forward.

·         Check Their ‘Green’ Credentials

Companies that put a strong emphasis on their reduced environmental impact usually show their commitment on their website. Have a look at some companies in your area and assess if they are doing enough to reduce their impact.

Ask them some of the questions mentioned on Business Recycling to help find the right company for your business. They need to have a strong commitment to reducing landfill with recycling front of mind.

Entrusting your waste disposal to a company with a strong emphasis on environmentally sustainable waste solutions will, in turn, boost your own companies ‘green’ credentials. Good environmentally friendly practices are even known to attract new customers. Start efficiently managing your commercial waste today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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This article is written by Alex Hamilton, on behalf of Instant Waste – Providers of ethically managed commercial waste disposal in Perth, Western Australia. You can catch him on Google+.

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