Which Game of Thrones Entrepreneur Are You?

If you love Game of Thrones, you’ll love this quiz. Find out which traits you have of the main characters in business. For more Game of Thrones related fun, be sure to check out Game of Canada too.

You Need to Start a New Business, Where Do You Find the Money?

  1. Daddy dearest
  2. Your friends start a crowdfunding campaign on your behalf
  3. Your husband or wife
  4. From doing some dodgy deals
  5. From selling the family silver
  6. From your other businesses
  7. From making and selling goods

Your New Employee Makes a Mistake, What Do You Do?

  1. Fire them you can’t deal with incompetence
  2. Forgive them, everyone makes mistakes
  3. Forgive them once but vow never to do it again
  4. Laugh it off, nobody’s perfect
  5. Let them know how very very disappointed you are
  6. Talk to them, there must be a reason they’ve dropped the ball
  7. Train them so they don’t make the mistake again

You Need Business Advice, Who Do You Ask?

  1. You father, he’s the best businessman you know
  2. Your best friend, he always has your back
  3. Your assistant, they know you better than anyone
  4. Your boss, why not?
  5. A business advice centre
  6. Your lover, you like to mix business and pleasure
  7. A person you admire but don’t know very well. 

Your Best Friend Needs Advice What Do You Do?

  1. Tell them you’ve enough of your own problems
  2. Take a seat, sit down and get ready to listen
  3. Tell them to man up
  4. Laugh it off
  5. Start talking about your own problems
  6. Pour copious amounts of wine and settle down
  7. Disappear

Your Brother Gets a New Girlfriend, What’s Your Reaction?

  1. Jealousy, why is she prettier than you?
  2. Pride, he’s really growing up
  3. Wariness, will he treat her right?
  4. A big pat on the back, then you ask if she’s good in the sack
  5. Scepticism, what does she want? What’s her motive?
  6. Happiness, he deserves someone special
  7. Humour, who’d want your brother?

It’s Your Birthday, How Do You Celebrate?

  1. A huge celebration with people you couldn’t care less for
  2. You don’t tell anyone, you don’t like the spotlight
  3. With a little luxury and pampering and a few close friends
  4. With a visit to the lap dancing club
  5. With a feast for the family
  6. With wine, more wine, and work colleagues
  7. You set goals for the next year

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins is Your Biggest Vice?

  1. Envy
  2. Lust
  3. Anger
  4. Sloth
  5. Covetousness
  6. Gluttony
  7. Pride

What’s Your Taste in Fashion?

  1. Over the top, stand out outfits with glitter and jewels
  2. Long coats and jumpers that hide everything
  3. Tight outfits that show off the figure
  4. Scruff that’s comfortable
  5. Classy and high quality
  6. Smart and stuffy
  7. Active wear

Now tot up your answers. The letter you have the most of is the character you are.

If you answered:

Mostly 1’s – You are Cersei Lannister

You’re not one to be messed with. Regal and elegant, you like to keep it in the family too. You know your father is the best businessman you know and so value his advice above all others, even if you do clash occasionally.

Mostly 2’s – You are Jon Snow

You love to be warm and cosy but like shedding the big coat for a bit of action also. Humble and proud, you’re the most normal of the Game of Throne’s characters. In business you value your friend’s advice above all others.

Mostly 3’s – You are Daenerys

Strong, sophisticated and sensible, you don’t suffer fools gladly and you’re fiercely independent. You know how to use your charms to get what you want and may use a lover to help you get on the first rung of the ladder, but once you make that first step, you’re off!

Mostly 4’s – You are Bronn

You see life as one big joke, and why not? Just be careful in business as you could find yourself in hot water.

Mostly 5’s – You are Sansa Stark

You envy others but have an ambition to be the very best in business, and you will be!

Mostly 6’s – You are Tyrion Lannister

You love to drink, but you also love to socialise. You’re loved by many and have a quick brain and a keen wit. You’re brilliant at business as you know how to mix business and pleasure to further your career.

Mostly 7’s – You are Ayra Stark

You are elusive, a little distant but a great friend to have once you let people in. In business you use your own skills to get along. If you don’t have the skills needed you learn them. Just learn to delegate once in a while as you can’t do it all.

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