Why should your company start a blog, right now?

Blogs are a useful, but often forgotten, channel for your company to utilise. Many business owners want to establish their company in their chosen industry, and look to all manner of channels to do this.

However, the one that is often forgotten is a blog. Blogging is a great way to make a huge impact on your consumer base, as well as the wider industry. So if you haven’t thought about starting up a blog, CV-Library is here to give you three reasons why blogging is a must for your company.

Getting your name out there

Blogging is an excellent way to get your name out there. In a saturated market, it is difficult to stand out from your competitors, there is simply so much choice. With this in mind, starting a blog will help position you as a different offering to those other companies.

It’s all about establishing yourself as a name in the sector. This may sound daunting, but it’s really easy to achieve. Begin putting out a constant stream of high quality content around your company and industry, via your blog page. By building up a wealth of information around your industry and company, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable source of information for interested parties. This means that you can establish yourself as a real voice in the market.

This is great on a number of levels. Firstly, by putting out high quality content you can demonstrate to your consumer base that you really know what you’re talking about. By showing off your in-depth knowledge of the sector, consumers are going to feel much more confident purchasing from you. Secondly, by establishing yourself as a name in the sector, more companies will take notice of you – meaning you can foster more B2B and collaborative work with well-established companies.

Cement your brand

Brand identity is hugely important in the current workplace. Blogs are a great way to solidify your brand and present your company in a positive light.

You can use your blog page to shout about key successes and milestones in the business, as well as personal achievements of your employees. This helps to raise awareness of what your company does “behind the scenes” and means your consumers will feel more attached to your business on a personal level. This means you can foster a powerful connection with your fan-base – and this in turn will mean that your consumers are more likely to advocate you and your products to others.

Brand positioning should be a priority when it comes to blogging. So making sure you present the company and your culture in the right light is imperative.

Improve your SEO ranking

Search engines love blogs – they’re content-rich webpages that can massively help your SEO activities. If you don’t have one already, then consider creating a blog to help generate more content related to your company. In turn, this will help raise the search engine ranking of your business.

Blogging in general is a great way to grow your reader base and create an engaged community of people interested in your organisation and sector. Alongside this, blog content can be actively used in email marketing and social media sharing, both of which will have a hugely beneficial impact on your SEO efforts.

The benefits to SEO rankings should be clear; the higher up you come in natural search engine results, the more traffic you will be driving to your website. In turn this should provide more conversions and sales for the company.

Get blogging

Clearly, blogs are great for a company on a number of different levels. Ensuring that you can put out a constant stream of quality content will help you in a number of different ways. From establishing your company as a leading expert in the sector, through to raising your SEO rankings, blogs can help your company improve its offering to your consumer base.

So, sit down have a think about topics and articles you could start writing and watch your blog take off!

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