Marianne Page: The E Myth in Practice

Lots of people have read the E Myth

Lots of people get the concept of the three potential roles you can hold in your business – technician, manager, entrepreneur.

And, as a result, lots of people talk about how they would love to have the time to work on their business, not in it.

Sadly, very few people take the action necessary to make that happen.

Why is that? Well either:

  1. They don’t know how to do what Gerber describes in his book…don’t know where to start, or
  2. They are addicted to the struggle.
    They enjoy telling people how hard they have to work, how early they get up and how late they go to bed, how you just can’t hire good people, how nobody can do the job like they

But here’s the scary truth…we are all replaceable.  Special as we are as individuals, unique as our personalities and brains are…when push comes to shove, we can all be replaced in the world of work.  And that’s a really good thing!

Replacing yourself in your business opens you up to a whole world of new opportunities.  It gives you time; to create, to spend with your family, to work on your business, not in it!

You get to choose.

And all you have to do to make it happen is accept that you can, work out if you really want to, and then get on and do it.

Mr Gerber’s book is incredibly popular for a reason, it shows business owners the ideal; it shows us what is possible.  He focuses on the what, but doesn’t tell you how, so here’s a bit of how to get you started…

  1. First, decide what you really want
    Do you love things just the way they are – you working in your business as the technician.
    Or do you want to have more time, with freedom to pick and choose what you do, and what you don’t do – like a real entrepreneur?
    Decide what success looks like to you.  There are no right and wrong answers here. Just listen to your heart and be true to yourself.
  2. Next, offload what has to be done, but absolutely not by you.
    Bookkeeping springs to mind, but there will be loads of other activities that are not your core skills, and /or you just hate doing them. Get rid of them, outsource them, or delegate them, and focus on being the visionary, the leader in your business.
  3. Develop Simple, Logical and Repeatable systems for all of the other key activities in your business.
    Start with your routines – the things that get done in your business every single day – and get the person who does the task in the way you want it to be done, and to the standard you expect, to create a How To for it.
    You know what I mean there, don’t you? Like when you want to know how to do something – maybe how to put a shelf up on the wall – you go to Google and you find a video that shows you how to – step by step.
    That’s the sort of thing you want in your business – screen recordings of online tasks, and paper-based guides of those that can’t be recorded – reference guides for new team members, and also those who just aren’t doing things as you want them done.
    There’s only one way to make French fries in McDonald’s – and it’s the right way.  That’s what I want for you – one way, the right way, to do everything in your business.
  4. Involve your team as much as you can.
    This exercise is not about you adding to your workload, it’s about having a uniform and consistent way (which is all a business system is) to do everything in your business.
    You want your team to buy into the benefit of consistency – and they will if they’re involved in achieving it.
  5. Don’t focus on the time it’s going to take to do this – focus on the amount of time it’s going to save when you have a high performing team working on their own, but to your high standards.
    Stick a metaphorical stake in the ground today, and decide that over the next twelve months you’re going to develop one How To per week, or even one per month – by the end of the year you’ll be a lot closer to consistency than you are today.

Just imagine that twelve months from now your business could be growing without you –  thanks to the systems in place and your empowered team. Imagine being unnecessary to the day to day operation of your own business. How good would that be?

Realise your goals – have time, and the freedom to choose how you use it. It’s up to you to make it happen.


Marianne Page

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