Paul Routledge: Security for your business and peace of mind for you

Recently there’s been an explosion of increasingly sophisticated IP (internet protocol) cameras so now businesses of all sizes can benefit from improved security.  Protecting your business, equipment, property, employees, and customers are all significant benefits to having a surveillance camera system.

Most security cameras now transmit footage to an iPhone and Android app so you can tune in to see all is safe from wherever you are. These ‘smart’ cameras can alert you if they detect movement, some additionally have facial recognition and usually there’s a microphone which can detect noise as well.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a surveillance system for your business.


Reduce and Prevent Theft with Business Security Camera Systems

Placing security cameras throughout a business can help prevent crimes such as vandalism and theft as well as break ins. According to research businesses lose 190 million a year from employee theft alone in the UK so even small offices without multiple premises should have security surveillance in in operation.

Do Real Time Monitoring

Real time remote video monitoring can be extremely useful. Commercial video surveillance will allow any approved employee to monitor critical areas of the business continuously. This monitoring can be done from a computer, mobile phone or tablet anywhere, anytime. What’s more, it is even possible to have multiple sites communicate using the same network, with each of the camera views accessible through the internet.


Improve Productivity

Another reason to consider surveillance in your business, especially those operating in a large building such as a factory, is to improve worker productivity. Communication between different buildings and departments is improved, which can improve overall production. In addition, employees are more likely to work at their fullest capabilities when they know they are being monitored.

Resolve Business Disputes

No matter what type of business you run, disputes are going to occur. In large retail buildings for example, disputes usually happen between employees and customers. Usually when a disagreement occurs, business managers need to understand exactly what happened. A surveillance camera can provide clear video proof about the entire incident. This will lead to a fair resolution and reduce workplace violence.


Provide Evidence for Investigations

Another major benefit of having a video surveillance system in the workplace is to offer evidence for investigation. If any type of criminal activity or suspicious activity occurs around your company, the cameras can help identify anyone that is caught stealing from the business. And it also provides visual evidence for the police investigation

Store and find footage quickly and easily with IP cameras

IP camera systems allow users to store all recorded footage digitally using a hard drive, network server, or an NVR. Digital storage provides an easier searching capability, which makes it easier to find the footage anytime you want.

Save Money in Business Surveillance

Placing video surveillance systems are also cost-efficient. They are less costly than hiring full-time security officers for every corner, entrance, exit and etc and the latest IP systems for business use the cloud and are a lot cheaper to run. Plus most surveillance cameras have excellent night vision so you can have piece of mind when you lock up at night.

By Paul Routledge, Country Manager D-Link Europe

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