Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Sharon Melamed

Dubbed “The Matchmaker” by Australian media, Sharon Melamed is the Founder of business matchmaking platform, Matchboard. Matchboard is a free-to-use platform where companies can enter their needs and find “right-fit” vendors of solutions to match.

This solves a universal problem Sharon calls “search engine blues”, where people get frustrated and exhausted sifting through page after page of search results to find a supplier to fill a business need. In 2017, Westpac named Matchboard as one of Australia’s top “200 Businesses of Tomorrow”.

Prior to Matchboard, Sharon lived in San Francisco and New York for 10 years spearheading international sales for a Japanese customer service company which IPOed.

As an entrepreneur with a social conscience, Sharon founded the “Small Business for Small Charities” movement which provides pro bono marketing to a different not for profit every month. She is also passionate about inspiring the next generation of young female entrepreneurs and blogs frequently on LinkedIn, where she was awarded Powerprofile status.

Sharon holds a double honours degree from the University of Sydney. She speaks five languages and is also an accredited translator in Japanese and German.

Nominee’s three achievements

1. Founder of an award-winning business matchmaking platform, Matchboard, named by Westpac as 1 of Australia’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow in 2017

2. Creator of the “Small Business for Small Charities” initiative providing pro bono marketing to a different not-for-profit each month

3. Named by LinkedIn as a Power Profile, having one of the 50 most visited profiles in Australia.



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