4 reasons why you should consider flexible working in your business

In today’s digital age, the way we work is constantly changing. In fact, as technology makes it possible for employees to work away from the office, there’s now debates about whether physical offices will still exist in the future.

As a result, flexible and remote working are becoming more popular than ever, meaning there’s less demand for employees to work nine-five, Monday-Friday.

So, if you’re yet to consider flexible working in your business, you should know that there’s a number of benefits for both your company and employees. Below, we explain why in more detail.

1.      To encourage a better work-life balance

A poor work-life balance can have a real negative impact on professionals. Yet, data from CV-Library reveals that over a quarter (29.5%) of professionals have a poor work-life balance, with almost half (44.4%) revealing that they’ve left a job because of this.

As such, it’s important to encourage a good work-life balance amongst your workforce. A great way to achieve this is by offering flexible working.

When people have the option to work flexible hours, they’re able to make time for what is most important to them. Whether this is a lunchtime workout, starting and finishing an hour early for an appointment or coming in late so they’re able to take their children to school. Some might also choose to work times that enable them avoid rush hour traffic, cutting down their commute.

Most importantly, your employees have the opportunity to organise work around their life, giving them freedom with their schedules. This can give them more time to spend with their families and friends, as well as time to pursue their hobbies.

2.      To help attract new recruits

Another reason why you should consider flexible working in your business is the fact that it can be attractive to new recruits.

After all, having freedom with your work schedule can be beneficial in so many ways. Whether that’s working from home while waiting for a delivery, or being able to start and finish work earlier.

It also shows candidates that you respect your employees’ personal lives and trust your workforce – they’ll be keen to join such a considerate employer!

Plus, research backs this up. It was recently reported that the majority of Brits want to move away from the nine to five working day. This suggests that flexible working is the way forward if you want to attract talented candidates.

What’s more, when you advertise your vacancies, you can use flexible working as a perk of joining your company. This can open up your talent pool to include more candidates, for instance, parents who need flexibility for childcare reasons.

3.      To reduce staff turnover

As well as attract new members of staff, it’s important to do all you can to retain talented employees. After all, the recruitment process can be costly and time consuming.

Introducing flexible working will mean that your existing staff can take control of their schedules and achieve a better work-life balance. As a result, they’ll be happier, value you as an employer and be less likely to leave the company.

Flexible working can also reduce stress. After all, sitting in rush hour traffic, or scurrying around to make appointments on time can be stressful for your employees. If they don’t have to work set hours it reduces the pressure on them and contributes towards a happier and healthier workforce.

What’s more, offering flexible working can keep your company competitive. Especially as so many businesses are now offering this as a key workplace perk.

4.      To increase productivity

Everyone has their own unique way of working. Some people are early birds and are most motivated in the morning, while others thrive during the afternoon or evening.

Giving your employees the opportunity to work the hours that suit them best means they should be more productive. What’s more, if remote working is part of your flexible working policy, employees can work in a style that suits them. For example, some people work better away from the office.

Why you should consider flexible working in your business

Clearly, there’s a range of reasons why you should consider flexible working in your business. It certainly has a number of benefits and can help your employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. If you think this is something that would work well within your company, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

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