Book Of The Month: The Book of Amazing People

The Book of Amazing People is a groundbreaking project that honors and showcases individual success and achievement. In the chapters of this book you will read inspiring and motivating real-life stories of ordinary people making their lives truly extraordinary.

Some of our contributors have overcome loss, serious illness and heartache. Many have transformed their lives through physical and emotional change while others have established successful businesses against the odds.

By reading this book you will have an insight into what success means to you and how to achieve it.




The amazing people showcased in this book:

Shawn Sturges, Penny Weston, Natasha Price, Tim Kerin,Julia Hasche, Lauren McKeaney, Irfan Noorani, The Elite Fish & Chip Company, Katrina-Jane, Kelly Meister-Yetter, Simone Vincenzi, Sarah Dawkins,Kevin Huhn, Bronwen Sciortino, Laura Phelan, Hollie Fielder, Rochelle Courtenay, Vanessa Cullen, Lannah Sawers-Diggins, Tara Scammell and Gordon Rutty.

Click here to download a sample chapter.


Pick up your copy of The Book of Amazing People at Voila Success.

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