Australian Innovative Design Makes it to the Golden Globes

‘And the Winner of the Nail Snail Goes to…. Mary Poppins’

Nail Snail wearing a dress at the Golden Globes
Nail Snail at The Golden Globes 2019


This year’s Golden Globe Award ceremony had strong leading female actresses such as Glenn Close, Olivia Colman and Regina King win the prestigious recognition. What a great feeling it must’ve been to receive such a distinctive award. The winners may have taken the title but that didn’t leave other powerful and talented nominees such as Lady Gaga, Amy Adams, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz empty handed..

Both winners and nominees were handed luxury gift bags comprising some of the newest and trendy must-have products available on the market. Featuring food and wine, cosmetics, high-end jewellery, trendy pet products and of course top of the line baby merchandise; leaving even the winning Hollywood stars and celebrity mums envious.

One of the featured products, the design award-winning baby, toddler and child-friendly baby nail trimmer Nail Snail couldn’t be anymore fitting for our one and only umbrella-flying nanny played by Emily Blunt. She may have played the fictitious role of Mary Poppins to a tee on the screen but at home she is a real life mum of two young girls aged 2 and 4.  

A spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down, but in this case, the busy mum on the go would surely appreciate a Nail Snail – the safest nail trimmer on the market that makes nail care hassle-free but most importantly worry-free and fun. Unlike scissors and clippers, the snail-design reminds us of a loving animal character that could be part of a playtime scenario and might just inspire Ms Poppins to another sing along.

The Nail Snail is an Australian Innovation Design winning product created by Julia Christie who has recently appeared on Channel 10 in a television program dedicated to showcasing top of the line innovative products, now reaching into global markets.

“I loved Mary Poppins as a child. She always had a trick up her sleeve but also used just the right amount of magic. I’m so delighted that the Nail Snail has reached the hands of the enchanting Emily Blunt. It is truly exciting to know that it is helping young celebrity mothers to safely trim their child’s nails. I am sure the Nail Snail will sprinkle its own magic wherever it goes,” says Julia.

After changing the lives of countless parents and their children around Australia and finding its way abroad the award-winning Nail Snail has now been placed into the hands of celebrities. This little Aussie snail is sure to now take on the world while transforming traditional nail care regimes to a more gentle and playful nail trimming time – Mary Poppins-style.


The Nail Snail is available from all good chemists, pharmacies, baby stores and online at

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