Top Ten Groundbreaking Technology Products of 2018

One of the keys to any successful business is being able to come up with new ideas to keep operations, products and services fresh. The process of bringing those ideas to reality is called innovation. While thinking up new ideas is one step of the process, businesses have a much greater task in trying to turn that into an actual product or service that will benefit customers.

While innovation has slightly different meanings depending on the industry, its core is universal.  It’s all about answering that crucial question: ‘What if?’

In the business world, for an innovative idea to be useful, it has to be replicable without being too expensive and it has to resolve a particular need. Innovation is achieved by providing something original and is often seen to produce efficiency, leading to an idea that significantly affects the general society. Here we showcase the top ten technology products of 2018 that we believe embody the true meaning of innovation.

1. LollyServe

At 2018’s Restaurant and Bar Tech Live show, point of sale (PoS) and payments specialist, Lolly, launched the first-to-market entry level PoS and self-serve platform.

Teaming up with payments specialist, Optomany, the innovative LollyServe combines traditional EpoS payments with self-serve. By creating one secure, seamless solution the new offering enables hospitality providers of all sizes to benefit from the speed and convenience of self-serve technology, whilst providing greater customer engagement.

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2. Roccbox

It was with an amazingly successful $1.2 million USD crowd funding campaign through platform Indiegogo that Roccbox came to being. Obviously excitedly anticipated by customers, this people’s pizza oven has now also touched down in Australia- just in time for summer. Totally unique for its combination of ability to reach 500oC, incredible heat retention and portability, this compact powerhouse of a stone oven can cook an authentic Neapolitan pizza (and so much more) in less than 60 seconds.  Read More.


3. The Amazing Annoyatron

Michael Nixon is uniquely positioned to know about technology. The 15-year-old Australian student is the founder of EduKits International and the inventor of The Amazing Annoyatron that won Australia’s National PitchFest Competition and was recently recognized as a finalist for Young Inventor of the Year in the U.S. Toy and Game Innovation Awards. His Amazing Annoyatron kit teaches youngsters age 9-15 how to code and think outside the proverbial box.  Read More.



4. The cardiac monitoring t-shirt

KYMIRA, the original producer of human-powered infrared sportswear has released an early prototype of the world’s first cardiac monitoring t-shirt. The garment wirelessly transmits the wearer’s heart rhythm to a mobile device, and can accurately identify an unusual heart rhythm that could cause a sudden cardiac arrest.

The new monitoring t-shirt uses a single lead ECG and movement reducing hardware to offer more accurate reading during exercise, perfect for both professional and amateur athletes alike.  Read More.



5. Modius

Modius is the first headset from California and Northern Ireland-based health-tech company, Neurovalens and the first in its category to introduce wearable neuro technology to help make weight loss easier.

Modius works by sending a safe low-level pulse into the brain which targets the area responsible for your desire for food by reducing your appetite and cravings, the user simply needs to eat less!  Read More.



6. Jatheon Cloud

Email archiving and eDiscovery company Jatheon Technologies is the company behind next-generation cloud email archiving solution – Jatheon Cloud.

After 15 years of experience with on-premise archiving solutions, the company created the new Jatheon Cloud with the same philosophy in mind – providing secure long-term email storage and easy retrieval for organizations that need to securely retain email and ensure easy access and searchability for reasons such as compliance requirements, legal discovery, storage management and business productivity and insight.  Read More.


7. LexX

In the space of a year, how often would the average person fly in a plane? How often would they take public transport? How often would the average person simply switch on a light?

The industries that bring us these services – those in Aviation, Transit, Energy, and Utilities – all have a responsibility to ensure that their equipment is up to the task. Because any delay or downtime of equipment means lost time, lost dollars, and bad headaches for everyone.  Read More.



8. BuggyCart

Helen had her 3rd son. She was frustrated that she never had enough space in her buggy for groceries and other shopping.

As all mums know, when your baby is safe and comfortable, you dont move them. EVER! But, everyone needs to buy food and it’s impossible to push a pram and a trolley at the same time. Inconvenient heavy bags tip your buggy over, and your nappy bag fills the space underneath.

So where can you put everything? In your BuggyCart.  Read More.



9. Surf2ship

Surf2ship is a vision of the 21 year old founder, Ravidu Mario Weerakoon, which is the first ever price comparison website that offers cross border shipping services. In Sri Lanka, there is little to no comparison for every product and especially internationally. In addition, international shipping is quite a big problem especially in Asia due to the inability of certain e-commerce websites to provide cross border shipping to certain parts of the world.

In the case of a shipping ability, the problem of the cost of shipping branches out making it unattractive for customers in Sri Lanka and to every other part of the world.  Read More.



10 The Ghostkeeper’s Journal and Field Guide – An Augmented Reality Adventure

The Ghostkeeper’s Journal is a completely new book and app experience which takes you into a magical world of ghosts and spirits. Powerful new Augmented Reality effects lead you through a gripping story that lets you become the hero. Follow the story through the Journal, then view the pages through the Ghost-o-Matic app to see pictures move, reveal hidden messages, and trap dangerous phantoms.

Agamemnon White – SPRUNG Ghostkeeper, child prodigy and tuna sandwich obsessive – has gone missing. All that remains of him is his Journal. As the head of Ghostkeeping for the Western region, Ag was collecting the most powerful ecto-energy types known to man in this very book. Your task? Read Ag’s Journal and use the app to retrace his footsteps and help rescue him.  Read More.



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