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Nick Britt

If you type “marketing strategies” in your search engine, you are bound to come across thousands of tips, ideas, lists, etc. online. But how many of them are actually helpful when it comes to taking your business to new heights? Let us discuss how you can turn your company around with a few innovative marketing strategies!


Update Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

It is the digital age now! Search Engine Optimization lets your name and site to show up on a list of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Roughly, 90% of the clicks are on the top 3 positioned sites (not the paid postings). In addition, the top ranking sites are viewed as “more dependable” and there are no pay per-click charges included which implies heaps of low-cost high-value traffic for your site and all this can be effectively done by using effective SEO services. Your website should be positioned properly for keyword phrases relevant to products and services associated with your brand.


To ensure effective SEO for your business, you need to optimize your web pages with keywords in the Meta tags, page titles, headlines, URLs and content. Linking your website pages to each other by utilizing keyword phrases is another SEO strategy, rated quite high amongst best internet marketing strategies. But these methods have to be updated as search engines like Google updates its algorithm for selecting “good sites” around 500 times in a year! Find the keywords that are making your business gain or lose traction in the search engine cycle in order to make your brand as discoverable and searchable as possible.


Blogging Acts As A Voice

This is perhaps the next step after setting up a website. Keeping the audience interested is a mammoth task and needs to be done continuously. If you post relevant and valuable content on your blog, it will direct traffic to your website and social media pages, while enhancing your ranking in search engines. Each post you create is one more indexed page on your website, making it more likely customers can find you when searching online. It also indicates to search engines that your website is active, which will help surface your content to the top of search results. Give your brand a voice via blogging!


Winning Over Skeptical Customers

To put it in a nutshell, skeptics challenge commonly accepted beliefs in the hopes of uncovering truth. With loads of information at their fingertips, they are able to easily fact-check before buying a certain product or signing up for a service. Consumers are empowered in today’s age, so the very first aspect is honesty.


The trouble occurs when skepticism turns to cynicism. Cynics see the negative in everything and are quick to perceive malice where none exists. To win them over before this happens you need to offer them something unique and personal. For instance, people all over the world spend millions at Disneyland so they can see the smiles on their kids’ faces and relive their childhood at the same time. Sephora, the popular makeup brand offers Color IQ, so customers can find the best shade for their skin tone, while Virtual Artist allows them to try on makeup before buying. Starbucks has created an app to help people personalize choices and skip waiting in line, while Amazon’s delivery drones guarantee super-fast delivery at all times. Even the most skeptical of customer appreciate when brands go the extra mile.  Your messaging must tell people what you can do for them specifically. If you don’t speak to their circumstances, they are not interested. But then again, you have to be patient as it takes time to convince customers, but doing the same with skeptics will take longer.


Increase Conversion Rates

It all boils down to how well you know your market, and then make convincing offers. Understand your clients, find out about their buying behavior, etc. so you can utilize this data and enhance advertising accordingly. Conversion rate optimization helps marketers do this in the most efficient manner. It helps them generate more number of leads and hence it is considered as one of the most effective internet marketing strategies.


Getting lucrative conversion rates is easier said than done, because convincing consumers is difficult, and as mentioned, winning over skeptics is even tougher. Utilizing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in your internet marketing strategy can help to yield better results. CRO is the way towards making your site more reliable and simpler to explore, so that a greater number of site-visitors can find what they’re searching for on your site. There are excellent CRO tools available online that lets your website complete desired action and boost sales. Remember, if successful CRO quickest and least demanding technique for expanding leads and deals without having to shell out big bucks for improving site traffic.


Hosting Events

There are a variety of digital marketing resources you can use to engage with your audience, including webinars, podcasts, and online promotion of live events. To streamline the process of event promotion, try using a third party to make the process seamless. Use event technology platforms to create and market events, along with promoting ticket sales and managing the audience. These events help to stay in constant touch with the target audience and establish an open communication channel. It lets people know that you care about their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Create an experience that has a positive impression the minds of customers so they remember it long after it is over.


Pay Attention to Social Media

Even if it is a highly unconventional platform, social media has emerged as one of the most effective ways to get your message across. By first finding out what platforms your audience uses, you can then target your posts to the best times and dates to share. As mentioned, engaging your audience is one of the key factors – start conversations with them to find out what they want and expect from your brand. Respond to both praise and grievances – all kinds of feedback should be taken into account.


Fine-Tune the Concept of Email Marketing

It isn’t sufficient to simply send out emails to prospects. You have to consider different email lists and web marketing strategies that take into account the particular needs of every person and can incorporate a customized way to channelize your email marketing campaigns. If you can’t do that, sending emails are of no use as the customer might delete it without even going through.


An opt-in email list permits clients to come to you and sign-up to be a part of email campaigns and related correspondences. This permits you to interface with new clients or customers. Send newsletter on a regular basis, but space them out so people aren’t inclined to delete or get annoyed.


Mobile Marketing

Being digitally savvy to get your message across doesn’t mean you solely focus on marketing content on desktops or laptops. The content should be available across all devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Consumers expect cohesion across platforms, and the better accessibility you provide your audience, the more likely they are to purchase. Responsive website design is an example of effective mobile marketing.


Keep these tips in mind, while structuring your marketing strategies – they are immensely beneficial!

Nick Britt

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Nick Britt



Nick Britt is a Multi-Award winning entertainer who knows the absolute importance of standing out, he has travelled the world creating, performing and hosting 300+ events each year that is designed to do that exact thing, grab attention.

Nick is not only one of the most sought-after entertainers, but he is also a popular keynote speaker at conferences, was recently a breakfast co-host & Nick’s now performed live to over 1 million people.

His passion is to use his creativity, personality and sleight of hand skills to help brands stand out through innovative content.

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