Page One Person: Author, teacher and leadership expert, Andrew Hackett

Andrew Hackett has more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations to move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business and relationships.  As an author, teacher and leadership expert, he works with people, helping them overcome their fears to create a practical solution for their whole well-being of mind, body and spirit. He focuses on personal leadership, spirituality personal growth, relationships, mindset management, and business management.

As the #1 international best-selling book Free From Fear everything we experience life – every thought, every feeling and every choice we make – is based on either love or fear. This book helps people confront the fears in their life so they can achieve their real potential. It explains why people are afraid to know the answers and shows them why life is worth living.
Over the next 12 months, Andrew is releasing with Holland House Publishing, New York, a 5 book series exploring unconsciousness, awakening, manifestation, success, and life creation.

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