Page One Person: Creator, Producer and Director of Ma-Cherie TV, Cherie Laurent

Hello, my name is Cherie Laurent, My family’s origin is Iranian, but I was born in Iraq, during the war between Iraq and Iran. An extremely challenging time for me as I was faced with bullying, rejection and discrimination from the beginning, due to my Iranian background and living in Iraq during the war between the two countries. Some of my family were deported and killed on the border by Saddam Hussain’s regime. Childhood molestation began at five years of age. Our house was been destroyed by a missile during the war and we have to run from city to city to survive.

I now live as a transgender woman.  Being transgender in cultures that kill and torture members of the LGBT community, was, as you can imagine, very hard .

During my journey of transitioning, I was physically attacked twenty-eight times, had my noise broken twice, got gang-raped, beaten and left bleeding to near death twice.

Life, day-by-day, with bullying, abusive language and discrimination is a challenge. Finding people that are happy to work with me for my talents and not being a transgender women is also challenging .

I am the creator, producer and director of the TV show Ma- Cherie TV showing on Channel 31 Vic and Geelong, Channel 44 Adelaide .


Creating a full TV show with no sponsorship and no funding has been a challenging, yet successful adventure which has been emotionally very rewarding.

The show was broadcast on TVS Sydney. USA Manhattan neighbourhood network (covering New York, Staten Island and New jersey). In New Zealand the show was nominated for: Best art show, Best Presenter for the year and Best Camera work.

The show supports positive thinking and is categorised as a transgender, LGBT and “straight” community show, catering for all persuasions.

I have a 94k following on Instagram and some of my videos attained one million plus viewers. I am reaching over four million people with my TV show via vimeo, you tube and Instagram.

Production of a full music album and obtaining international distribution by my self was a triumph.

I was fired or made redundant forty-five times during my transition.

Having a positive attitude has helped maintain a spirit of Endeavor and perseverance. It has turned stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

I trust that the journey I have endured can in some way suggest children and families that experience child sexual abuse.

In the same light, I wish those that encounter bullying and discrimination to believe in them selves and their inner strength.

All children and people that are struggling with transgender issues and contemplate ending their lives, let my struggles show them that there is a light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how dark it seems inside it.

I wish to create a greater awareness of bullying, violence, sexual abuse and the effects of being ignorant to what other people face in there lives, to create more understanding and safer communities.

My show supports different causes: ‘Beyond Blue’, women’s breast cancer, testicular cancer and the like.

5 thoughts on “Page One Person: Creator, Producer and Director of Ma-Cherie TV, Cherie Laurent

  1. Dear Cherie,
    Yours is a very moving story. I’m so sorry for all that you’ve suffered and for my slowness at understanding your situation. I’m very impressed by your determination and success. I wish you great successes to come.

  2. Thanks for your share of tremendous experience and unique creative works. How you are continuously bring the world your meaning of the life.

  3. Dear Cherie, you are a wonderfully brave, talented woman and an inspiration to all who have suffered adversity in their life. It is sadly ironic that some of us described as ‘straight’, have an ignorant and twisted attitude towards others of a different persuasion. Know, my dearest Friend, your tremendous inner strength, beautiful nature and belief in yourself, will encourage others to stay strong and value themselves for who they are, not what they aren’t

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