Page One Person: Kate Bell of Zip Us In

I am Kate Bell, serial Entrepreneur. I started my first business after being made redundant in 2004. As a single parent to an 18 month old, with little options for childcare, I created a marketing agency which has continued to evolve and grow during it’s almost 15 years of trading. During my second pregnancy, I was inspired to design a jacket expander panel which lead to the creation of my brand Zip Us In.
In 2018, Barclays awarded me Entrepreneur of the Year for my region which lead to a scholarship at Cambridge University for a business Scale up course. My journey as a female business owner, I would hope, is inspiring for lots of mothers with ideas, to really show that its perfectly possible to balance running a business with raising a family. I was not an academic, as a story by The Sun last year outlined. My success has been largely attributed to hard work and determination.

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