Page One Person: Nataly Tormey



Nataly is a true trailblazer in business. She is raw, real and honest and is taking business leadership to the next level.


As a self-confessed bogan leader (and proud of it!), Nataly invites like-minded women to join her in her campaign to encourage and empower others to build their very own bogan empire…moccasins and all!


At a very young age, Nataly told her Oma that one day there will be a statue of her because of all the people she has helped. Her dream is well on its way to coming true!


However, to get to this point in her life hasn’t always been smooth sailing.


Raised by a single mum and two sisters, Nataly faced financial difficulties and was surrounded by drugs and alcohol while growing up. She also found herself living in an abusive relationship. Despite leaving home at 15-years-old, Nataly has led an independent and successful life.


Nataly is a devoted mum to two beautiful girls and partner to her man. She has always been there for her family during hard times. Nataly is learning to manage her own anxiety and starting to understand her depression. She has also completed a nursing degree and is currently studying a post graduate in psychology with a passion for consumer psychology.


Nataly started her business journey as a bankrupt single mum, with not even a laptop to her name. Over the last few years, she has celebrated her business successes with The Parentmedic Movement, Boardroom Rebels Society  and Nataly – Business Strategy. She was also announced as one of the 2018 Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence.  All of this by the age of 32.


Nataly has always stayed true to herself and strived for more. She still has her eyes firmly set on her statue being built.


Nataly hopes to use her life knowledge and wisdom to continue to connect with and inspire like-minded woman across Australia.


Through the Parentmedic Movement Nataly has helped save hundreds of new born babies’ lives. She has also helped 100 women launch their own businesses through first aid for babies workshops. Nataly is also excited about recently entering a partnership to launch seven health clinics in Africa.


Nataly sees no boundaries. She believes that no matter who you are or where you come from, if you have a good idea that is going to make a social impact then you should be supported.


Nataly wants all women to know that they can aspire to make a change.

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