Page One Person: Nicholas G. Muscat of Aussiemoneyman

I am a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Western Sydney NSW. Raised in a family of limited means, and with a terminally ill father, I set out at a very early age to drive for financial independence. Determined to learn how to be an entrepreneur and succeed, I have done so since around grade 8 and 9.

Teaching myself about money matters and business I made my own business teaching others.

Now my mission, income and lifestyle is stirring the passion in others to make a difference through their own businesses.

Over five years now I believe I’ve achieved considering success and set my sights of distant goals.

Giving back is doable from early on. I am able to be a part time academic achieving high results in school and now moving on to study IT, a heavily active community member and volunteer, having been and being a part of the likes of the Australian Air Force Cadets, Greater Sydney Citizens Commission, Duke of Edinburgh Award, STS Young Endeavour, Rural Fire Service, White Ribbon Australia and various LGBTIQ Pride groups. These activities appeal to my entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 14 I have been finding ways to make money online starting with small level affiliate marketing to today where I have started multiple small businesses, written multiple eBooks, made thousands a month from online, started looking for my first investment property and become an investor.

In an effort to share my means to success with others I began sharing my research, learnings and experiences online on my blog and also my YouTube channel where I share most of what I’ve l’ve learned, from extra ways I made money such as market research and eBooks to research I have done on banks, P2P Lending and more.

If my story does one thing, I want it to be made clear to all that anyone can achieve entrepreneurial success should they have the passion and drive to do so.

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