Rocketbook Everlast notebook review

Taking notes with a paper and pen may seem like something we did back in the days when ‘internet’ was something you got at the hairdressers, but there’s a reason why it lasted so long.  It’s convenient and easy to do.  While you’re sitting in on a meeting, watching TV or even planning your to do list for the day,  what can be easier than jotting everything down on a piece of paper.


Aha, you’re thinking,  but what if I lost that piece of paper? What indeed?  The mavericks at Rocketbook (the people who brought us Wave, the micro-waveable notebook) have thought of that too.  And their solution is nothing short of genius. What if you couldn’t lose those notes because, after you’ve written them,  you can take a picture of the page,  push an icon on your notebook and it automatically pings your notes to any one of a number of cloud-based storage services.  Genius.


And that, in a nutshell,  is the premise of the Everlast reusable notebook; Oh, and did we mention that, once you’ve uploaded your notes,  you can wipe the page clean (with a cloth) and re-use it again and again?  Here at My Entrepreneur Magazine we celebrate true innovators who identify a common problem and find a way of solving it while making a profit.  Everlast does all of that and more.  And we take our hats off to the team behind this novel and yet invaluable product.


Looking very much like an old school notebook (it comes with 36 pages of which you’re probably never going to use more than 4) and priced at just £34.99,  Everlast has all the advantages of our cloud-based, always connected lifestyle. The note book supports iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Slack, iMessage,  Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote3 and email.  You download the accompanying app onto your phone,  write notes with your special FriXion pen and upload.  Simple.  The fact that you can re-use the pages again and again naturally means there’s no reason for cutting down trees just to make paper notebooks.


When we heard of the Rocketbook Everlast,  it felt like someone had switched on a light bulb and the word ‘Eureka’ appeared in a bubble above our heads.  The Everlast is such a simple idea that, quite frankly, we’re shocked no-one had thought of it earlier. I  gave the Rocketbook Everlast a test spin for ten days and I have to say it’s now an invaluable part of my everyday work and personal life.


Over the past ten days I’ve found myself jotting down notes and uploading them almost every couple of hours.  And the fact that I know I’ll never lose those notes has me grinning and clapping my hands like a happy school girl.  We love the Everlast and we have a feeling you will too.  Go buy.


9 out of 10


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