Can you write a book chapter offering advice on how businesses can make marketing work?


My Entrepreneur Magazine is publishing a groundbreaking book providing proven and practical strategies for entrepreneurs looking to take their business to new heights with up-to-date marketing techniques.


Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Focus on Marketing will empower business owners with the skills vital to successfully engage with marketing across all areas of society.


Topics we would like to explore include:

Dealing with skeptical consumers, moving a business online, deciding which pricing strategy to adopt, and how to boost your credibility, establishing yourself as an industry leader and increasing conversions at the same time.

We are also interested in chapters examining how organizations incorporate social media into their communication campaigns and the insider secrets to engaging with your audience when marketing on Instagram,  Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube.


Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Focus on Marketing will be published as an ebook as well as a paperback and it will be marketed through Amazon, the Athena Publishing site and selected book stores. Each contributor will be credited for their chapter and we will also publish your bio as well as a link to your site. If you would like to contribute to Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Focus on Marketing please email

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