How Marketing Can Boost Brand Credibility


Establishing credibility in the eyes of customers, employees and stakeholders is a priority for all brands, regardless of size.  Trust and loyalty are also factors that must be protected.  Luckily these days there are many ways that companies can reassure their public that they can be relied upon to deliver and perform in the marketplace.


The secret to success is to give the right messages in the right places at the right times.  There are also traps to avoid, for instance, some companies spread themselves too thinly, trying to have a presence on every review site and channel they can get their hands on.


News of accreditations, certificates, award wins and PR stories all help to spread the word about your brand and the people behind it.  Persuading your customers that you can be trusted is the first step in the process.  In this article, I will give helpful pointers that we share with our clients to help them succeed and grow rapidly in a variety of B2B and consumer sectors.


Using video and live streaming


It’s a fact that 80% of users  would rather watch live video than read content marketing posts.  We live in a time poor society, where fast-fixes are far more engaging than wordy posts that demand our full attention.  To drive engagement, views and traffic, the power of live streaming cannot be underestimated.  It gives a sense of authenticity and taps into our “FOMO” (fear of missing out).  In addition, people generally process video based content faster than text based content, so it’s the ultimate form of engagement that all brands need to have in their marketing strategy.


People buy from people


A strong principle we pass on to our clients is the fact that people buy from people.  Brands need to have a personality and to connect with their consumers on a personal level.  For instance, Coca Cola had a faceless personality before their 2014 “Share a Coke” campaign, which has turned out to be one of the best performing marketing campaigns in recent history.  By printing labels with people’s names on, consumers were encouraged to hunt for bottles that had personal meaning for them and to share with their friends and family, therefore driving sales.


The shareacoke hashtag has been immensely popular, prompting consumers to independently create online media content.  The company gives the power of creative control to these consumers, prompting people to feel like they are starting their own social media conversations, rather than simply promoting the brand.


The campaign has been such a success that it has become part of a way of life for many consumers.   This harnessing of the public to push the brand in an unwitting manner is the reason why it continues to have such an impact and continues to work years later.


Building a lifestyle not a brand


Market research cannot be underestimated as to tool to help you understand what motivates your customers and gains their loyalty.  Starbucks for instance is an expert example of how to build a lifestyle not a brand.  With 17.3 million Instagram followers, this global coffee chain has a high level of affinity with their customers. The ‘name on the cup’ in store is a genius way to generate material for social media and create a personal experience for each customer visiting a branch.


Starbucks is also a wizard at leveraging the feel-good power of Christmas.  Starting in 2016, Starbucks marked the start of the festive season by releasing their signature red coffee cups.  Immediately creating content worth sharing, the campaign inspired their audience and encouraged customers of all ages to get involved.  The fact that every post is a promotion (traditionally a no-no for social media marketing) is testament to their success and evidence that they have created a lifestyle that people want to get involved with, as opposed to a brand.


The importance of psychology


Gaining common ground with consumers and learning what makes them tick is essential for any brand.  At Aggressive Growth Marketing, we place a huge focus on helping our clients to understand the psychology of their clients.  The power of market research cannot be underestimated and is what sets us apart from our competition, as we make sure our clients have a full understanding of what drives their customers to make purchasing decisions, which in turn builds our reputation as one of the fastest rising stars among digital marketing firms in the UK.


By Kelly Bolton, CEO of Aggressive Growth Marketing


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