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Establishing yourself as an industry player in a large market dominated by big incumbents is no easy feat, nor is capturing a consumer base that is already spoilt for choice. Through building its credibility, identifying opportunities in the market and gaining the trust of loyal customers, MedTate has established itself as a health company that people can trust. The choice of health and wellness supplements is incredibly vast; the industry is awash with detox teas, weight loss supplements and various vitamins, many of which haven’t been clinically proven to work.


For MedTate,  we pride ourselves on being unique . Unique in how we are setup at board level, unique in how we intended to disrupt the market and raise the bar and unique in our value proposition. No nutraceutical company brings out clinically validated products for the over the counter (OTC) market whilst at the same time carrying out research and development (R&D) to develop prescription medicines on the basis of the findings. Take our hero product, Ojamin for example, it has been clinically proven to help maintain a healthy sugar level in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients and therefore improving outcomes. Communicating this message to our consumers and potential investors is paramount to our success and a large part of this is integrating social media into our communication campaigns.


When it comes to social media it is important to consider that every platform serves its own individual purpose. We have found social media key to reaching our audience and helping launch our legacy product to not just the UK market but also rolling it out globally. Our flagship product, Ojamin Herb & Fruit, has its own Instagram page. Instagram is great for engaging with bloggers, customers and creating our brand identity through visualisation of our products. However, delivering the core ethos of what MedTate delivers and being part of the conversation about health and wellness is best placed on Twitter. Retweeting and replying to customers, high-profile press and using key words and hashtags gives you an online presence which bears valuable currency in this day and age. Consumers are often savvy and will scroll through content which effectively screams, “buy our product.” For MedTate, we know our customers take their wellbeing seriously and so it is important that we are seen on social media as being part of the wider conversation surrounding overall health and diabetes. Sharing health and industry news content shows our audience that we’re in the loop, and that our Company’s health knowledge seeps into how we develop our products.


Unique Selling Points are something to be shouted about, and for MedTate ours is that our supplements are clinically validated and proven to have ground-breaking results, including the improvement of diabetes. Recent independent standard clinical trials have shown our Ojamin product to be more effective at improving diabetic outcomes than a particular widely prescribed medication. We aren’t quiet about this on social media; with such a wide variety of buzz supplements in the market, MedTate positions itself proudly as having reliable, safe, clinically tested and validated products. We take the same approach to LinkedIn; we know our audience there wants to know what the Company is doing within the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and how it is establishing itself as a leader. Therefore, we ensure that our content reflects this.


However, this isn’t just about driving home MedTate’s message, we also strive to help represent the independent pharmacies that sell our products. While our legacy product is sold in big stores such as Selfridges as well, we owe a lot to the independent local pharmacies that stock our products as our main route to market is the Independent retail pharmacy channel. We are aware of the challenges facing independent pharmacies currently and are using our social media to help increase the profile of independent pharmacies and pharmacists and all the good that they do. This kind of sincere partnership is not just strategic but is one based on mutual respect and understanding. By putting forward the message of these businesses on social media and to members of the press, we are taking part in raising industry awareness.


Through utilising social media platforms and taking advantage of their individual features and user demographic, MedTate can be seen as being multifaceted, showing that, as well as having a clear USP, it is a company with a message, accountability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and is part of the conversation.


By Pete Tate, founder and CEO of MedTate.


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Pete Tate is founder and CEO of MedTate, a London-based nutraceutical company which delivers clinically validated health supplements to the over-the-counter-market while simultaneously carrying out research and development.

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