Page One Person: Donia Youssef of Tiny Angel Models, Tiny Angel Adults and Tiny Angels Press

Donia Youssef, born in Hammersmith, London in 1978. A Mother, Columnist for the global Sovereign magazine (as seen in the airport lounges and virgin trains), Director of Tiny Angel Models, Tiny Angel Adults  and Director of Tiny Angels Press.


Donia’s childhood was spent in the middle east and home-schooled by her British Mother who was a primary school teacher and her Egyptian father who was a consultant Anaesthetist in the Army.


What makes Donia unique is when she got diagnosed with cancer in 2017 when her children were only aged two and five years old, instead of shutting down her successful career as founder of tiny Angels, Donia decides to step up to the challenges and play to her strengths, lead her life with a renewed purpose and inspire other parents to overcome traumatic news and empower them. Donia decides to write a book called ‘The Monster in Mummy’ explaining from experience how to talk to small children about a cancer diagnosis, and within 48 hours it became Amazon bestseller, so with this in mind, Donia knew there was a gap in the market.


In parallel with Donia’s existing successful business Tiny Angels, she launched Tiny Angels Press which is a publishing house supporting cancer charities and other cancer survivors who just like her, want to share their own stories and experiences. Proceeds from her book series are helping charitable causes. Donia is now an advocate for cancer survivors and is raising awareness that behind every cancer diagnostic is a real person with dreams and aspirations which she is continuing to help them achieve business success.



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