Page One Person: Linh Podetti of Outsourcing Angel

Linh grew up in the developing country of Vietnam and migrated to Australia with huge dreams of becoming ‘successful’ now that she was in a land of opportunities. She became a single mum at age 20 and was kicked out of home. But she was able to put herself through school and even started her first business at the age of 26. She has since built multiple 6 to 7 figure online businesses while being a wife and a mother to three kids.


After achieving even more than what she had dreamed of, Linh realised that money wasn’t the answer to success and happines s, in fact, she wanted to change lives and change the world for the better. This is when Linh dedicated to reducing poverty and her outsourcing business, Outsourcing Angel, turned into a social enterprise.


This social enterprise not only creates job opportunities for people living in the Philippines, they invest company profits to charity for INCREDIBLE initiatives such as providing food, clean water and essential supplies to people living in poverty.


Each year, Linh flies to the Philippines and does grueling and dangerous multi-day hikes to visit the tribes that she’s funding to bring more supplies and pay it forward to the people that need it the most. To give you an idea of just the type of person Linh is, after one of her grueling hikes to a remote tribe in the Philippines, she met a little girl with completely worn out feet from walking around with no shoes. Without hesitation, Linh took off her own shoes and gave it to that girl.


She also met a family of 7 kids that were being raised solely by their father, after their mother unfortunately passed away after giving birth to her youngest child. This happens often in the tribes because of the lack of access to medical attention and supplies. Linh couldn’t stop thinking about this family and took them with her to the City where they were treated to a big meal, shopping and a clean shower. Their worlds have completely changed since and they showed so much love and gratitude for the experience.


Outsourcing Angel

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