The benefits of training and mentoring


Growth comes from investing in your business AND yourself. By investing in both, you learn and grow as an individual, you’re able to develop your staff and make them feel valued and you’re able to build a culture within the company that gives confidence to your clients and customers, so they keep coming back to you. This is incredibly important in an ever-changing work environment.


However, making that investment and parting with the money can be difficult for people, especially when you’re working for yourself, have a limited budget or when you feel you are lacking in time. I have had my business in mentoring and training for nine years and from my experience, I firmly believe that by creating the time to invest in yourself and your business and finding ways to grow, both personally and professionally, you will reap the rewards.


There are four definite ways that attending training, workshops or investing in mentoring and coaching will help you, your staff and your business.



Personal growth


We can only grow by understanding and being aware that we know what we know, and that there is so much more to learn and understand. By creating opportunities for your staff and yourself to learn new things and fostering a desire to develop our knowledge, we are all able to do better. Not only does this develop personal growth but develops learning culture within your company and promotes a collaborative environment.




When we run our own businesses, it is easy to “get in our own way” and not be able to see the big picture of what we are aiming for. It is also easier to spend money on others or tangible items than ourselves. But when you invest time in your knowledge and learn new things, it breeds confidence. Think about when you have learned something new, implemented it and sat back and given yourself a virtual pat on the back – your mindset changes to I CAN DO THIS. This creates an innovative inspirational environment for yourself and one that people want to work in and clients and customers want to acquire services from.


Staff retention


To have staff stay with you for a long time is one of the best feelings in business. That retention comes from you investing in them and making them feel valued. Mentoring and coaching is a way of being able to move forward through doubts and fears, through procrastination and that “stuck” feeling.  Staff like to be recognised and appreciated. A mentoring experience or a culture where you are encouraged to grown and learn increases job satisfaction and retention. It shows you trust them and want to invest in their future.


Value and morale


Allowing yourself to spend money on you can sometimes be pushed down the list of things-to-do. Time is as big an investment as money and it, and you, are worth the investment. It is important to build the “know, like and trust” factor around your brand, your business and you personally. To do this, make sure that you are supported in every way that you need as much as you support people around you. Value yourself, invest in your growth and implement the training and you will reach the next level of your success. Your moral will grow and that will translate to colleagues and clients.



I see these benefits over and over again with my coaching clients. We work out what the big picture is, what the very next step is and how to lay out the stepping stones in between. We work out WHAT you want to do, WHY you want to do it and HOW to get it done.


But one thing is clear – ACTION is always the most important part of perpetual movement forward. When clients implement the training, the growth in confidence, self-belief, value and staff morale, are the greatest outcomes. When you and your staff feel more confident it shines through your brand to your clients.


Establish what success looks like, find the training that is going to get them there and then implement that training. I assure you, everyone will benefit if you do this and make that investment.


What does success look like to you? And to get there, HOW are you going to invest in your training?


Trudy Simmons


About the author


Trudy Simmons is a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach for entrepreneurs. She loves to show her audience of entrepreneurial and business women the way to becoming more successful by getting clarity, taking action and following through.  Trudy has 20 years of experience in helping people move from being stuck and not knowing the next step, to getting their objectives DONE!  She does this by finding and harnessing your strengths and removing your weaknesses.


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