Page One Person: Author and simplicity expert Bronwen Sciortino

Bronwen Sciortino is an internationally renowned Author and Simplicity Expert. She is also a recovering perfectionist!


With a life that was complex, and eventually completely out of control, Bronwen spent almost two decades as a high-powered, award-winning executive before experiencing a life-changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’


After experiencing cancer and a resultant breakdown, Bronwen took the time during her recovery to understand the impact and effects of stress, exhaustion, and burnout. In the ensuing two years, Bronwen completely rebuilt her life, creating simple and practical life principles that would support and nourish everyday life. During that time Bronwen also wrote her first book ‘Keep It Super Simple – Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’.


With her work receiving international critical acclaim, Bronwen then stepped into spending every day teaching people globally that there is a very different way to live. Whether working one-on-one or through conference, convention, organisation or corporate programs, Bronwen teaches you how to reconnect with yourself, lead instead of manage, reduce stress, build resilience and easily make changes in your everyday life.


Bronwen blogs regularly for global platforms, and as well as publishing her own work, she has been featured in ‘The Book of Amazing People’, ‘Reboot Your Life – Phoenix Edition’, and ‘Successful Women in Business – Winners Edition’.  She is regularly invited as a guest interviewee on blogs, podcasts, radio, Facebook Live, You Tube and member sites situated through the world. She has also published a second book – ‘The Economy of Enough – Unlocking the Secret to Happily Ever After’.


When it comes to creating a simpler life, there are many things that can impact you. Bringing authenticity, personal experience and over two decades of corporate experience to the table, Bronwen provides a practical framework that enables you to easily find your way and navigate your life accordingly.


Because Bronwen offers a brilliantly simple approach to overcoming overwhelm, reconnecting with intutition and living a life with less stress and more resilience, she is regularly sought out to provide keynote speeches and workshop training for conferences and conventions.


Working with organisations of all sizes to create tailored training programs is a talent, and one that Bronwen has in spades. Through interactive and thought-provoking activities, Bronwen provides an easy pathway for you to change the way you look at your life and how you choose to live every day.


Bringing simplicity into every day activities enables you to positively impact your environment and the energy in your life. The effects of this work are long-lasting and apply to every aspect of life with it also influencing the dynamics of interactions with family, friends, colleagues and key stakeholders.


Believing that the best is yet to come inspires Bronwen to spend every day stepping outside the status quo and to challenge individuals, corporations and organisations of all sizes to join her in her crusade to teach the world that they don’t have to choose between their health and being successful.

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