Page One Person: Kerri L Watt of Rising Tide Media


I’m Kerri L Watt, a Media Strategist and Brand Reputation Specialist based in the UK. Working from my seaside and forest base, I work with clients worldwide to create and maintain their brand reputation through workshops and consultancy.


I began my career in hospitality sales and marketing. The PR side of my roles always intrigued me the most and so I decided to focus solely on public relations. After my maternity leave in 2014 I decided to set up my own consultancy so I could focus on being present for my family. I’m so pleased I made that decision as I was hit with two family bereavements and health issues which, had I been in employment, would have been impossible to continue.


I believe my empathy, patience and simplicity strategy makes me stand out in the crowd. I’ve studied communications and the psychology in how we communicate. I’m able to use this learning into my day-to-day life, whether negotiating with my young son or managing a client’s PR campaign. I home in on how I would want to be spoken to and treated as a client, or how I would like to be engaged with as a prospective buyer.


My communication super power allows me to ask the right questions with clients in our workshops. I can pull out newsworthy stories clients didn’t even know where in there. I then get them major media coverage for their personal and business-related stories.


I believe our journey makes us who we are today and we can learn something from every experience.


Rising Tide Media

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