5 great ways to boost your YouTube channel


There’s no easier way to put it, the how, what and why on growing your YouTube channel is down to, yep ya guessed it YOU. If you want something worth doing, do it yourself. I am going to give you some short sharp tips on how to do exactly that.





You need to stand out. Research has proven that the majority of the highly viewed YouTube channels have custom thumbnails. Standing out on YouTube isn’t as easy as it sounds; the primary colours of YouTube branding are red and black; make a conscious effort to use the other colours. Not too drastic or technicolored, as garish is gross. Using your website colors is ideal, keeping the branding consistent.




Creative, great perspective and excellent use of colors = 804k views


Bonus tip: Putting yourself in the thumbnail lets the user know what, or rather who to expect.







Videos are visual, sure, but there is hidden text (literally) that will help you rank higher in YouTube searches. Whether it is song lyrics, recipe ingredients or just a backup of text on the screen – transcribing your videos gives you the edge over the competitors with the golden dust of SEO (search engine optimisation – ‘keywords’


Satisfy Man and Machine. The text helps the user remember lyrics, the keywords helps search engines realise you exist.



Ghost Marketing – same company, 2 videos, 1 described. One gets  100x the amount of views of the other, guess why??


Golden tip, make sure the description of video is enticing and encourages users to click on read more to see the rest. Know anyone who’s only read the last chapter of book? Know anyone who’s only read the first? Bingo






Talking about a person or a company in your video, tag them on your other social media channels – it’s as simple as that. Whether you’re advocating their services or calling them out, all publicity is great. Other social channels use the mention and tagging options effectively; use yours to bring your videos attention to them and their subscribers.


If you didn’t want anyone to see your videos, then you wouldn’t have put them on Youtube. Go that extra yard and tag away, especially if you’re new to the scene hence not seen


I’ll certainly be tagging people/companies I have mentioned in this piece 😉




Unlike your snappy video, don’t sell yourself short. If someone makes it to the end of your video you’ve won the battle, now go on to win the war.


Unless they’ve fallen asleep, they’ve enjoyed your video, so do yourselves both a favour and ask them to leave a comment on their thoughts. Furthermore, ask them to subscribe so they can see more of your videos. All of these actions will enhance your standing in YouTube’s ranking algorithm not to mention extra subscribers and more views from loyal followers.





If people already follow your social media channels and read your blog/website, they already like your text, what’s to say they won’t like your face. Let them know (periodically) about your YouTube channel on your socials, and embed videos on your website. You can track the success of these in your analytics, giving you validations and views of all your hard work.





Sorry to have to tell you this, but there comes a time when (shock horror) people will stop watching your hand crafted with love video. You can find out the average time this treason occurs by looking at your audience retention report. Don’t lose (faith) but use this info to your advantage.


Have a card for another of your videos pop up at that time. Firstly it may jig their attention and secondly there is an option for them to watch another one of your videos. Split test the video: use a similar topic on half and something further afield on the other half. Check which works best and stick with it.





Be consistent.  If you’re going to utilise YouTube, then set yourself a schedule, content calendar. You can post the best content but if it is few and far between, you won’t gain any traction. HQ SEO, who I have worked for previously won’t mind me mentioning them here; there are more prolific on YouTube with their other channels now.






What do you think of these strategies? Try some out and let me know how you get on? Let us know in the comments below.


Do you have different strategies? Feel free to fill us in.



By Brett Downes




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