Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Tanya Lacy of Intercept Group


Tanya Lacy is a Positive Business Dynamics Leadership Specialist and is known for her teachings around uncomplicated leadership. With 23 years’ worth of experience in executive coaching and facilitation, she is a highly renowned writer, content creator and resource speaker who practices Connectology (the art of connecting business people). Tanya’s life work supports business owners and leaders to unlock their business genius and leadership brilliance. As the founder of Intercept Group and the co-creator of #Positivity projects, Tanya helps leaders to transform both their team and leadership style. She’s renowned for her ‘Tanyaisms’ and her key message to leaders is: “if you’re going to make a difference, it may as well be a positive one.”


Nominee’s three achievements



#1. Tanya is the world’s best kept business secret 


Despite the success of Intercept Group, Tanya is one of the most humble and grounded people in business. She very clearly has no desire to be famous and this recognition is a small way of recognising how much she has positively influenced so many business owners out there. Tanya often reaches out to help others… with no strings attached! The more people get to know Tanya, the more they come to see these acts of kindness are the norm and not the exception, as she supports business people to be the best they can be and to realise their dreams. Business owners can learn so much simply by observing how Tanya nurtures her business community and has managed to build numerous long-term business relationships that have withstood the test of time. Tanya is a leader with real depth and other like-minded business leaders naturally gravitate towards her.


#2. She has created a supportive and accessible community for business people


Whenever Tanya speaks (regardless of whether it’s in person or online), she brings a level of vulnerability to the table that inspires others to let down their walls and be vulnerable in a safe and supportive environment. Tanya has worked with a number of business leaders across many well known brands and sectors – she works with both men and women to create a level of soul synergy that empowers leaders to establish the kind of workplace culture that sees teams operating with one single Vision. This ultimately has an immeasurable impact on the organisation’s bottom line. What really speaks to people is Tanya’s ability to work with female leaders so that they retain their feminine energy while strengthening their ability to lead from the front and continue evolving and growing as leaders. This creates a ripple effect throughout local communities and is crucial in driving tangible impact in the long-term.


#3. Supporting her son on his business journey and her wider community work


Tanya often talks about how proud she is of her adopted son, Adam, who has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She also runs business panels in her local area and gives so much of her time away without expecting anything in return. Tanya is one of the most generous people in terms of helping people to connect with one another (she calls this Connectology). Often, she personally connects people, which can be a rare quality in the entrepreneurial space. It’s amazing how she nurtures her business community and how generous she is with her time and business knowledge.



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