Launch a Podcast on a Budget



So, you want to launch a podcast? The timing is perfect!


As podcast audiences have continued to rise, more people are turning to this medium as a way to:


  • Connect with their followers
  • Build thought leadership / personal branding
  • Share valuable content and inspiring stories in a modern way


If you’re considering launching your own show but are intimidated with where to start or the cost to get it off the ground, this post is perfect for you! I’ll focus on demystifying the biggest challenges podcasters (including myself) needed to overcome when launching a podcast on a budget.

What equipment do I need to launch a podcast?


I like to refer to podcasting equipment as the “core four” needed to produce a show. You’ll need: a mic, editing software, a hosting provider and distribution channels. Don’t be too intimidated because we can source all of these on a lean budget with relative ease!



  • Podcast Microphone


The type of microphone you need will depend primarily on whether you’ll have guests on your show (versus a solo podcast) and if so, whether you’ll interview them in person or remotely.


For in-person interviews, it’s important that you find a bi-directional microphone (records audio from both ends of the mic) so you can place it in between you and your guest(s).


I personally use and recommend the Yeti ($150). It comes with a built-in stand and has a usb cable, for connecting directly to your laptop.


If you’ll be doing a solo podcast or plan to conduct your interviews virtually, then you can get away with a slightly cheaper option. In this case I would recommend the Snowball (~$70).


For remote interviews, Zencastr is my pick! Just send your interviewee the link and hit record. It’s also free!



  • Podcast Editing



Once you have the audio file from your recording, you might want to add sound effects, a fun intro / outro and cut out parts of the interview you don’t want included. You can easily do this with free software that likely comes with your laptop!


If you have a Macbook, you can edit your podcast with the free GarageBand software that comes with it.


If you have a PC, you can download Audacity (also free)!


It’s very easy to find YouTube / blog tutorials that teach you the editing basics or you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to edit for ~$30 / episode.



  • Podcast Hosting



Now, where will your podcast live? It needs a home! Most people assume they’ll host their show on iTunes and Spotify but they are primarily distribution channels (more on that soon).


Your hosting provider, is where your podcast artwork, episode descriptions and analytics will live.


When I first started out, I hosted my podcast on Soundcloud. It’s free for your first three hours of content and easy to use. Simply upload the audio file, fill in the description and hit publish.


If you are looking for a more robust solution, my recommendation would be to use Libsyn which was made for podcasting. They allow you to organize your show in seasons while enjoying more detailed analytics. Their packages start at $15 / month.



  • Podcast Distribution



Finally, how do I get my podcast on iTunes and Spotify? This is actually the easiest part!


Simply register for a free account – they’ll ask for your “RSS feed”, which is a link you’ll get his from your hosting provider


Everytime you upload a new episode, it will automatically get updated to all of your distribution channels. You won’t need to log into iTunes and Spotify to add new episodes each time. Really easy!


Congrats, you’ve mastered the core four and can now launch a podcast that can be listened to from anywhere, at anytime and you did it on a budget.


Comment with the link to your show so we can all support!


By Sam Laliberte


About the Author


Sam Laliberte is a Podcast Host and Digital Nomad. She launched the Freedom Lifestyle podcast November 2017 and has since secured partnerships with WeWork, Fiverr and Remote Year.


Her show focuses on the movement towards freedom in life and work. She interviews entrepreneurial people who have created a lifestyle of independence, on their own terms.

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