My Entrepreneur Magazine transforms into The Entrepreneurs Magazine


My Entrepreneur Magazine has a new name that reflects our commitment to being the go-to magazine for all business owners and managers, no matter where they live in the world.  We have developed our brand from ‘My’ Entrepreneur Magazine to ‘The Entrepreneurs’ Magazine.  It’s a small change but a symbolic one that sums up the welcoming and inclusive nature of the world’s most popular online magazine for business owners.  We are indeed,  The Entrepreneurs Magazine.


The Entrepreneurs Magazine publisher Kizzi Nkwocha
The Entrepreneurs Magazine publisher Kizzi Nkwocha

The Entrepreneurs Magazine publisher Kizzi Nkwocha said:  “The evolution of My Entrepreneur Magazine has been an astounding one over the past five years.   Starting with nothing but a handful of incredibly smart and savvy contributors,  a shoe-string budget and huge dreams,  we’ve grown to become the number one online publication for entrepreneurs, business visionaries and imagineers worldwide.  Similar publications that have been around for much longer than us, have watched in dismay as My Entrepreneur Magazine shot past them in global reach and influence.  We’ve left them all walking in the garden of our turbulence.”


Nkwocha added: “Looking at how our brand, presence and influence has grown since those early days, we realised that this was the perfect time to re-brand ourselves to ‘The Entrepreneurs Magazine,’ because that’s what we’ve become.  We’re no longer My Entrepreneur Magazine,  or Your Entrepreneur Magazine.   We are The Entrepreneurs Magazine.”

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