Page One Person: Mike Brockman of ThingCo

Mike Brockman is a maverick in the stuffy world of insurance. He turned 61 last year and in the same year started up a new tech business – ThingCo – to help us all drive more safely, following almost a decade at the helm of insurethebox – the telematics insurance provider.  In 2008 he was awarded with a lifetime achievement award by the non-life actuarial profession and two years later he founded insurethebox at a time when everyone was saying that black box insurance would never work.


He proved them wrong selling more than 800,000 policies during his time.   Not one to rest on his laurels when he knew there was still much he could do with telematics, he left to launch ThingCo with co-founder, Jonathon Valentine, CTO.

Thingco is about to bring to market a connected car service through a super dash cam – it presents the next generation of telematics.  It will combine ADAS, high quality camera with night-time vision AI, Intelligent Voice and Telematics.  It’s a totally new concept.


Mike is also making in-roads in China, working with Chinese insurers to offer telematics insurance to drivers in the nation for the first time.   He is passionate about data and how it should be used to empower motorists.  He is really concerned that many people are unaware of how their data is collected and used.



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