Ruth Kudzi: How to start a podcast and have it debut in the iTunes top 10!


Podcasts are all the rage it seems, but as someone who was pretty late to the game as a listener, I wasn’t convinced about how they would fit into my coaching business.


I convinced myself that my podcast wouldn’t be unique or different enough, so it was on “the list” for a couple of years before I went for it, and I am delighted to say that people around the world are tuning into The Path of Success with me, Ruth Kudzi.


What changed my mind


One of my clients, Lynsay Gould, launched a podcast and I saw the impact it had on not only her business, but her confidence too. She was getting brilliant guests; sponsorship and her business was growing. She niched down into helping entrepreneurs start their own podcasts and I ran out of excuses.


I signed up to Lynsay’s course with my business manager and we were able to get the  Path of Success up and running in six weeks. There was some tech that we needed to do, and we spent about £200 on equipment, but it’s pretty straightforward and as I record the episodes on Zoom, with audio only, it makes it really easy for me and my guests.


Podcast theme


One of the big things I hear is that people don’t believe they can be successful, they often give up too soon. I wanted to create a podcast where people could listen to a whole range of entrepreneurs and understand that everyone has struggles and obstacles. It is that mix between business and mindset which I find so interesting.


I already knew this would be a popular theme and identified some big-name guests to come on the first few episodes.


Number 6 on iTunes on day 1, now in new and noteworthy


How did The Path of Success get to number 6 on iTunes in day 1? We launched the podcast at an event I ran for 150 entrepreneurs in central London. At the event we asked people to subscribe to the podcast and these were my flurry of early subscribers.


After the event we had a launch party, and this really is a great way to launch a podcast and get people interested and on board.


One key thing to remember to make it easy for people to find and subscribe to your podcast.


Three weeks in and I had hit the new and noteworthy list. I knew that to keep my podcast in everyone’s mind I needed to talk about it and share it across social media and platforms. As it is content rather than sales it has been relatively easy to maintain my place.


What next


The most important part of the podcast is consistency. I am aware that I need to have high quality guests and variety. I have so much more that I want to do with it and by putting it in the centre of my business and linking it to my content creation strategy I know there will be lots more opportunities.


By Ruth Kudzi


About the author


Ruth Kudzi is a business mentor, mindset coach and best-selling author who combine practical business skills with a MA in Psychology and numerous coaching qualifications including NLP to help my clients build businesses that they love. She helps coaches, consultants and service providers build and scale their businesses


She has been featured in The Metro, Women & Home, The Guardian, Psychologies, Thrive Global, Huffington Post and Business Insider. Her book Is this it? Was published in 2018 and shortlisted for the 2019 Business Book Awards and is an Amazon best seller in three categories, and her podcast, The Path of Success, was launched in May 2019 peaked at number 6 in the iTunes chart.






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