The Entrepreneurs Magazine becomes Business Game Changer




A message from the editor…


The Entrepreneurs Magazine has been told it has to change its name.  Last month I was informed by our hosting company that our domain name, My Entrepreneur Magazine,  had been cancelled and transferred to another business. I later learnt that a US-based company called Entrepreneur Media Inc. had taken me to court in California in my absence claiming My Entrepreneur Magazine was infringing on their trademark for the word ‘Entrepreneur.’ Entrepreneur Media publishes a magazine called Entrepreneur.


They said they had served papers on me at an address in West Sussex. And,  hearing nothing from me,  had proceeded to go to court in California.  I had forgotten to update my domain name registration address,  so I was unaware of any case or hearing.


I was not represented in court (I was not aware there was a case against me), and the court found in their favour and the domain name was taken from me.

I eventually opted to change the name of the magazine to something more descriptive.  In this case,  The Entrepreneurs Magazine.  However, I have been informed that this also infringes on Entrepreneur Media’s trademark on the word Entrepreneur.


I have since been notified by solicitors acting for the plaintiffs that, as they own a trademark on the word “Entrepreneur”,  I am also forbidden from using any name that contains the word ‘Entrepreneur.’ I am also not allowed to run a social media account or group, including Facebook,  that has the word Entrepreneur in its title.  In light of recent events,  I have decided to change the name of our publication to Business Game Changer (  I hope you will support this decision.


Despite the change in name,  we remain committed to our cause of encouraging and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit all over the world.   Our goal is unchanged: to provide business owners with the valuable information and insight they need in order to make better decisions about their business.  With your help, support and encouragement, I am confident that Business Game Changer will play a major role in the lives of business owners worldwide.   The name may have changed but our passion and dedication remains.



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