Skin Salvation Review


The almost fairy-tale nature of the Balmonds story is one that many of us are already familiar with.  A mother, desperate to find a natural treatment for her young daughter’s eczema,  decides to create her own solution using traditional herbal remedies.  The resulting cream – aptly named Skin Salvation – is such a success that it is stocked on the high street by Waitrose and Holland & Barrett and is eventually made available on prescription.


Flash forward to 2019 and herb-based balm Skin Salvation parent company PurePotions is rebranded as Balmonds and the product is being marketed as a one-pot wonder that is effective as a lip balm, a salve for sore noses in cold weather, as well as on cracked heels, rough skin, grazes, minor cuts and insect bites on hardworking hands.


Intrigued by the Balmonds story, we were keen to try out this wonder cream and test its claims over ten days of continuous use.  After our trial period we were blown away by this ointment.  Used as an all- purpose moisturiser,  Skin Salvation was both gentle to the skin while also doing a great job at helping keep moisture locked in.  Its pure, minimally processed beeswax made it a great waterproof barrier to protect damaged skin while the delicate blending of organic hemp seed, safflower and olive oils meant my skin was rich in vitamins and nutrients throughout the day.


On a practical note,  Skin Salvation was easy to apply with the tips of the fingers and its 100 percent natural credentials and its noticeable lack of a strong perfume meant it didn’t attract insects while working in the garden.    After ten days of use my skin felt moisturised,  soft and free from chaffing despite hours spent toiling in the garden.


For anyone still using multiple products for their skin care regime, Skin Salvation by Balmonds is a one-stop wonder that takes care of most your daily skin care needs.   Priced at just £7.99 for a travel-friendly 30ml Skin Salvation is highly recommended.


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