SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent Review

While the labels of many insect repellents make strong claims, the sad fact is that some products simply don’t work.  And by the time you’ve discovered this,  you’ve not only parted with your hard earned cash,  but you’ve probably been stung in more ways than one.


As a seasoned traveller constantly visiting hot tropical countries,  I found that most insect repellents actually attract insects mainly because of their scent.  That was why I was particularly keen to try the  SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent from incognito.


According to incognito,  the  75ml mini sized sun cream and insect repellent has an aroma proven to not attract insects.  Also the product was developed to contain larger octo-sized particles of zinc and titanium dioxide and is free-from nano-size particles and DEET that harm coral and aquatic wildlife.


Our curiosity was further piqued when told that the incognito three in one solution (it’s also a moisturiser) includes 30 percent oil of lemon eucalyptus, known by its chemical acronym, PMD, an active ingredient proven to offer 100 percent protection against mosquitoes for over 5 hours.


Sceptical yet intrigued I decided to road test the SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent over a period of ten days.  The result: ten days blissfully free from sun burn and irritating insect bites.  Wonderful.  It’s not often that a manufactures claim regarding their product can be regarded as statements of fact rather than marketing hyperbole.  However, in the case of the SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent, I am pleased to report that the cream does exactly what it says on its environmentally friendly sugarcane petroleum-free plastic bottle.  After nearly two weeks of use, I was mildly surprised to find that, not only was my skin protected against the recent heatwave we’ve experienced here in France,  but I had practically no insect bites whatsoever.  As a travel mini,  the SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent  was convenient to carry and apply.


I was also pleased to find that the three in one solution is also free from oxybenzone and octinoxate – which bleach coral – and contains organic aloe vera leaf extract and geranium oil. All of this adds up to an ethically produced sun cream and insect repellent that is both effective and reliable.


For anyone looking for a cream that offers protection against both insects and the sun while moisturising your skin,  you need look no further than the highly effective SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent.  With an RRP of £12.99 for a 75ml tube the SPF30 Mineral Suncream Insect Repellent is worth every penny.  Go buy.




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