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It seems that every other day a new miracle serum appears on the market making outlandish claims about its beneficial skin enhancing and protecting properties.  In most cases,  these products do little more than standard cosmetics you’ll find lining the shelves in your local chemist.  It was with these thoughts in mind that we greeted Angela Langford’s Bloom & Glow with a raised eyebrow and a sceptical shrug of the shoulders.


Described as an organic, vegan, cruelty free and mood-boosting oil, Bloom & Glow comes in a handy 15ml dropper-pipette which contains a rose-gold colored blend of Chia seed & sea buckthorn which,  together,  deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants.  The result: your skin’s elasticity is greatly improved,  inflammation is calmed and radiance is restored.


Applying Bloom & Glow was as easy as squeezing a few drops onto the fingertips or into a neutral moisturiser and massaging into the skin.  During our ten day trial period I fell in love with Bloom & Glow’s lovely scent.  After a few days I was applying the oil direct onto the skin without using a third party moisturiser. Bloom & Glow’s key active ingredients include vitamin E which protects the skin and evening primrose which helps the skin retain moisture.


Just a week into the testing period and I noticed that fine lines on my face had virtually vanished and my skin felt softer and smoother to the touch.    I was also impressed by the fact that Bloom & Glow can be used on all skin types and the fact that it included rose geranium meant that it did wonders clearing up congested skin.  Amazing.


For anyone looking for a tailor-made skincare product guaranteed to restore your natural radiance while keeping your skin protected and moisturised Bloom & Glow is a must buy.  Priced at just £20.50 for a 15ml bottle, Bloom & Glow is a bargain.


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